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Dear Master,

When and how does one know one is whole and not fragmented? I understand that one is not whole as one has beliefs that keeps one split, and we create multiple selfs which collide with one another. I also understand that one is the more. How and when does one know that all beliefs are dissolved and the Master is present?

Thank you


The first thing, just coming to this question, it shows that you are in the search. What has to be understood is that it’s you that you are in search of, and coming to you totally is being whole.

For now the whole is not allowed, because it’s made split by the mind, and all the beliefs that support it.

Now you ask: “How will one know one is whole?”

First come to an inner knowing that you are always whole and complete; the mind and the ego are playing tricks and using the untamed body as their tool.

Let this understanding happen deeply, and then you will see that this conflict and these selfs are not you, they are just a lie. At this point, you will realise and start to taste wholeness. Only when this taste is deepened, can one move towards being it at all times.

Another thing that will be helpful to know is that all joy and bliss can only happen when you are whole. So when you are overflowing, be aware, you are close to your own wholeness. When you become this wholeness, you are no more, only the whole is … and know this as the Master.


Dear Master,

As I understand and have experienced, we have buffers or blocks, which as you mentioned, are incomplete experiences. And as one looks at it deeply, it goes right to the time of birth, or when one is a newborn child. I assume it is at this point that the misunderstanding happens – which becomes an unconscious belief over time, which becomes one’s personality. Is this a root belief?

Many times a non-acceptance of one’s self seems to take place. This phenomenon also seems to dissipate one’s energy … why? Are there more of these root beliefs and how does one identify and undo them? What will be the right or specific technique to penetrate these root beliefs?

Greetings and thank you.


The first thing is, observe that most people are just a crowd, they are just their surroundings and the beliefs of the group. They very rarely have their own views and beliefs.

You must watch and realise this. Let this enter you. Know this.

Realise that if you isolate them from the group, there is nothing there, they will actually fall apart. Also examine how people use this group to have a sense of wholeness, a false wholeness.

Realise that this wholeness is the key for well-being, but most use the false wholeness. Try to see how they need this wholeness,
that is why everyone tries to fit and be a part of a group. The people that are choosing to be alone are also in a group, the alone group … hahaha.

But this understanding will set you free.

On the question of beliefs, remember, very rarely is there a personal belief, most are just recycled or borrowed beliefs.

When you start to see you as you, to know you beyond this group mind, this seeking is the best technique. With this you will see that all beliefs are nothing but a group thing, and it’s easy to drop.

And the root beliefs will come up if you keep seeing things as they are. They can’t remain hidden for long, they will come up.But understand that most are just seeking false wholeness in their surroundings.

The technique is, first survive that you are not whole and that you are using the surrounding as a false wholeness.

Then you will get the penetrating eyes to see things as they are,if not, the eye of the group and the eye of the conditioning is at work.

One more thing worth understanding is that most can’t survive without a group, without a collective mind. This is why so few ever come to the real wholeness.

When you are freed first from this falseness, then the eye of Shiva so to say, starts to see all that is not, then it will start to see all that is, and finally it will see that the seer is the whole.

So the best technique is the A-B-C. Now internalise it, live it and be it, then all will be revealed. Remember, go beyond influence, and remain in your discipline. Don’t just do it, be it, live it.



The above Q&A is an excerpt from Dialogue with Dhyan Vimal, Volume One. Throughout the years, over a thousand questions have been answered, each sharing precious insights, awakening readers a whole new way of being. This book was the first volume of the Dialogue with Dhyan Vimal series which is a compilation of questions and answers by Dhyan Vimal.