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“Enlightenment is not the answer,
the answer is enlightenment.”

Explore meditations, listen to lectures and lessons as well
as join live meditation sessions with Dhyan Vimal.


New Feature

DV Meditation Hour

A small bit of evolution every day

“This meditation is for you. Staying with you and just allowing a contemplation to pass through, to dedicate an hour to simply sitting, observing oneself in whatever activity one is in, just simply paying attention to you.”

Every day we share a 5 to10 minute contemplation and we invite you to listen and spend up to an hour in quiet reflection.


Live Meditations

Live Meditations are an opportunity to actually sit with enlightened Master Dhyan Vimal from wherever you are. Just click to join and participate as you are taken through a journey of self-discovery. You will also have access to a library of meditations on a variety of topics.

Audio & Video Lectures on Meditation

We have also handpicked a selection of lectures by Dhyan Vimal on many subjects that include growth, awakening, transformation, meditation and creation.

21-Day Challenge

Challenge yourself! This is a carefully curated programme that shares the 6 rites of creation. This is an invitation for you to wake up to your own ability to be the person you want to be and live the life you choose. Start the challenge today.

Daily Quotes

Choose the best time for you. Each day you will receive a quote which is a contemplation for the day.

Making it work for you


Set your daily reminders to be notified when a new quote or new content is available.

New indicator settings

Track your progress – you can mark your lectures and meditations as completed to keep track of your personal library.

Offline Lectures

Download lectures to hear when you are offline.


What people say

Dhyan Vimal’s Online Meditation App has been an essential tool for me, especially during this unprecedented time in the world, to stay connected and grounded to that which does not change … my true essence and that which is greater than what is happening in the world. Sitting virtually in meditation with an enlightened teacher has offered me a level of internal growth that I could not have achieved on my own. The 21 Day Challenge has also provided a daily focus and study outside of the live virtual meditations. So much is opening up and joyful during a time when there could be anxiety and fear. Grateful every day for this app!
Ali-Marie Connell Management Consultant
The DV Meditation app has become my daily companion. It’s daily inspiration on my fingertips. You find an introduction and the basics of Dhyan Vimal’s teachings and meditations. It simply has something for all.
Chris Debner Founder Strategic Talent Mobility Advisory
Every day I go to work listening to an enlightened Master who, like me, works every day. He talks every day, and makes his talks available for students. To be part of this learning has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. Master is real, he is fresh, and he is brilliant. He has brought self-inquiry and meditation to every second of my life, in freedom. Every day, I walk the city with an enlightened Master. And you can offer yourself that too.
Daniela Vono Demographer
The Online Meditation App has been a revelation for me. It’s keeping me engaged in a very personal manner especially during this period. The App content is organized very well and is extremely user friendly. For someone who is totally new to this, the introductory lectures and meditations will provide an excellent platform to get started. And for existing students, the app allows us to connect with Master anytime, anywhere. What more can you ask for …
Yogendran Nadaraju Regional Sourcing Manager
I downloaded the Online Meditation App years ago and I use it now every day to listen to Master Dhyan Vimal´s talks. I find it great. The App contains many in my opinion wonderful lectures plus it also provides a possibility to join Dhyan Vimal´s live online meditations. And these are awesome, too! The talks and online meditation help bring my focus back to what really matters. I simply love it!
Maria Samalikova Teacher
Absolutely love the App. The live meditation is so powerful, and I can access the abundance of resources, lectures easily and fast which suits my busy life. The daily quotes speak to my heart, the new 21 day- challenge helps me to embody the teaching to create my life. So much was put into the design, and I have shared it with all my loved ones.
Zoe Lee Business Owner


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