Chances are you have probably done the regular things in life, you have gone through college, university, or perhaps you are already pursuing a career. And now you are at a point where you are looking for what more you can be. In the study of this learning, we look at it in two different ways, the outer being the world, and the inner being about you - how you are formed, what makes you tick, what makes you, you. In the Institute, we have come to understand that it is essential to find out about you, because what you are, is what is mirrored in your life. We have put together a complimentary selection of online lessons, lectures, e-books, books and articles for you to begin your exploration.
You have been looking around at different things and different experiences to learn more about you, and you have now landed here. What we have in this section, is a good recommendation of lectures, books and courses for someone who has already been seeking to grow. You may consider these online and facilitated courses that are held around the world. Facilitators who have been trained by Dhyan Vimal conduct these courses which help you go beyond influence, find your personal meditation and to have the right view of oneself.
You have come to realise that there is so much more to learn. When you are ready to commit to your transformation, this is what you should consider. The programmes are based on the teachings of Dhyan Vimal and they integrate key findings from psychology, biology, neuroscience and evolutionary studies among many other disciplines. These programmes are the next step as you have come to see that you are ready to walk this path.
Dhyan Vimal annually holds retreats in India, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Bali and other parts of the world.