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21 Days of Actual Transformation

Biological Orientation is a 21-Day Online Meditation Programme that takes you on a powerful journey into the discovery of the essence of who you really are. The reality of being split or living in conflict is something that has been established by modern science and philosophers. The by-product of this split has caused most not to live out that which can be, and this failure is the source of most problems and false experiences of life. This programme acts as a gateway to establish the process of coming to be whole, the process of healing oneself, and by this the more comes alive effortlessly.

A Unique Learning Approach

The Biological Orientation Programme has taken 23 years of work to be created. Since Dhyan Vimal came to the truth of this reality called enlightenment, he has worked to put this process down so that anyone may enter it and make it a reality in their own life.

During the 21 Meditations you will undergo the process of awakening step by step and this process happens effortlessly. Just by allowing yourself to see and face the facts, something comes alive. It is not about the effort of doing but by just allowing, something natural comes alive. This is a unique approach that Dhyan Vimal has chosen which he believes is the most true way to come to be awakened without self-violence.

All that you need during this programme is an hour per day, a phone or a laptop, and the readiness to let the transformation happen. To learn more about this programme, you’re invited to explore the five free meditations



The Misunderstanding of You

The Truth of Meditation

Resting The Conflict

The Delight of Living

The Biological Orientation has given me many small awakenings and also a couple of big ones. The intelligent structure and process have forced me, over and over again, to face the fake image and identity that has lived as me, and in that I am gradually awakening to what is actually there living as me.
Erik Adelsohn Real Estate Investor & Writer | Sweden
This has been amazing! We got Master Dhyan Vimal’s energy and his high quality. I love how the video is a closer shot, it’s as if I am right in front of him in a room. I am impressed by the content – the high aesthetic standard exists in every corner of the site – my heart sings when I experience beauty. The Online Meditations are something that make this programme so powerful, unlike any other programme I have seen. This goes back to Master being enlightened. He truly can connect with us in real time beyond space. Thankful for Master deeply.
Ting Huang Learning Strategist | Taiwan
I have taken many courses before both business-orientated and in personal development. Maybe for the first time learning for me as me, and not for a result has happened. The combination of self-paced e-learning with scheduled live Online Meditations with Dhyan Vimal has been very effective.
Magnus Bladh Business Owner | Sweden
I simply love the 21-day programme- starting each day with a meditation in order to get into the body and allowing the learning, rather than forcing it. From that state a trust is formed, that at my own pace I can study and learn what is there to be learnt.
Malin Janlöv Student | Denmark
The Biological Orientation has answered the main question I’ve been struggling with – how I’m preventing my own growth. In a very short time, it revealed at least a dozen images that I’ve adopted, identified myself with and been defending. I have found the reason behind these images has been the false understanding of the basic biological functions of survival, sex and inclusion. Seeing and dropping these images has given me the sense of the natural state of me, in which my growth and transformation can happen organically.
Janko Savic Water Engineer | Sweden
A gift for all of humanity! This programme has many insights that led me to see more clearly who I truly am, and the root causes of my false identities. Freedom from these identities has allowed the path of what can be as me to be revealed. This knowledge and revelations are now becoming embodied as the me that is the best I can live out, for me and for all.
Wendy Wells Naturopathic Medical Doctor | USA
The combination of Online Meditations, audio & video lectures and scientific articles makes the learning situation totally unique. The online programme flow is easy to follow as it’s beautifully put together. While studying the science around the brain and human psychology, I discovered so much about myself. Call it growth, transformation, awakening but something amazing happened. And this is only the beginning! Thank you!
Thomas Orbert Business Owner | Sweden
Biological Orientation is amazing, so many insights, so much to learn and best of all, discovering things about me I did not realise before or was afraid to. It was like breaking down the layers and stages of how I have been living and also operating biologically. It made me realise how I have been suppressing and preventing myself from the possibilities of growth and allowing something more to happen in my life. The way this programme was designed and the kind of questions put forward helped one delve deeper into one’s psyche is simply remarkable. So thankful this programme was made available and it was a great journey.
Elaine Lopez Riding Instructress | Malaysia
This programme is truly a gift to humanity. It was an incredible, profound journey of examining myself. Much clarity, realisation and celebration happened in the 21 days. The Online Meditations brought together over 150 students worldwide at the same time, guided by the founder, Dhyan Vimal. He offered us a precious space to sit in for 1 hour a day, with his very presence. The learning platform is so beautiful, the material minimal without being overwhelming but explosive, giving time for contemplations, to breathe and allow it to hit.
Uma Palaniappan Office Manager & Yoga Teacher | Australia
The Online Meditations provide the depth needed to not let my brain get distracted and stay focused in genuine contemplation without the opportunity to escape. The learning platform is brilliant. What adds value further to the lectures are the transcripts of the lectures – listening to the lecture the first round and then listening to it whilst simultaneously reading the transcript provides greater depth. There is a great degree of rest doing this programme, the challenge is the rest!
ARAVIND NAIR Manager Global Engagement Strategy and Compliance | Australia
What an amazing journey into the discovery of how we operate and how our very biology is misunderstood and perceived as a flaw or fault. The insights offered by the programme are truly revolutionary in the way we approach life. It’s so liberating to begin to understand how viewed rightly, we can be in harmony with all aspects of who we really are and rise to meet life in a whole new refreshing manner. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have been able to learn this or how delighted and rested I am having seen things from a perspective I never even knew existed! A million thanks, I cannot wait till the next step begins!!
Sharlini Palar Legal Senior Manager | Malaysia
Am so grateful for this programme. For me, it was a true revelation, the science of how to enter transformation … to allow this movement within from what is to what can be, the learning and the insights for me are ongoing and real. Thank you for this course!
Leia Norton Attorney | USA
These 21 days have been a huge blessing for me. The daily Online Meditations themselves are full of teachings and insights that sparked daily learning, reflection and growth. But in addition, this practice of taking an hour a day to be available for this learning was also a teaching for me. I have learnt to take this time daily to allow myself to be in a space that allows for me to connect with me. This allows me to become more aware of the state that I am in and can be. Thank you for this and more! I look forward to the Sadhanas to follow!
Heather Seshadri Costume Textile Artist | Canada
Biological Orientation is a must for everyone. It relates to the very biological organism that we are and how we can be orientated to see ourselves rightly so that this life is more than just the obsession of having money, finding a mate and being included. For 21 days, the live Online Meditation provided a step by step guide that helped me to focus on me for just an hour a day. All that I thought of me and misjudged as wrong was re-orientated and I started to see for myself what more is there as me. It has been an amazing revelation participating in the meditations and studying the lessons in the library that have been well structured and easy to follow.
Shanti Sivasubramaniam Technical Consultant | Malaysia
Wow. What a journey the Biological Orientation has been! Difficult to put in words. Going in deeper … being honest with myself … allowing my biology to lead the way, expansion into my potential … into the more of me while including those parts that I have resisted. Watching, watching where the mind wants to take me, wants to trick me … finding trust in this biology, this expansion into the ‘I’ that is me and that is so much more. Amazing! Feeling deeply grateful for the unbelievable amount of support Master has gifted us with.
Sono King Business Owner | Australia
This programme was truly amazing. So, so good. Not only for the material and the insights it was wonderful to know that once a day people from all over the world were going to be connected at the same time to join in on the Online Meditation. Such a great vibe to know it was happening everywhere for everyone. Doing this alone but not all alone. With a bit of music and the odd joke here and there just in case we were getting too serious. Just wonderful!
Lynn Punnett Project Manager | Canada
What a brilliant programme, not to be missed! More was revealed by me, for me in 21 days than in any of the many developmental programmes I’ve taken elsewhere over the years. In acceptance of the biological orientation (what is), the upward flow begins (what can be) and embodiment follows. The learning is deepened through the wisdom in each of the multiple platforms – daily Online Meditation which brought together people from around the world and set the day’s reflection on the self, along with video lectures, transcripts, study materials, paths of inquiry. Thank you for this creation. What a blessing to delve into the material and learn this way.
Anita Wolfe Executive Leadership Coach | Canada
The Biological Orientation has given me a whole new perspective to view myself, it was a revelation. This programme changed how I viewed myself. The insights gained, helped to re-orientate me to better understand the conflicts within me. I’m grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to inquire into how they function.
Sharmila Kylasam Consultant Pediatrician | Malaysia





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The Four Sections of Learning

    1. The State of Positivity
    2. The Lie of the Image
    3. Beyond the Entrapment of the Image
    4. The Myth of Being Selfish
    5. Beyond the Split State
    6. The Living Meditation
    7. The Integrated Brain
    8. Beyond the World of Duality
    9. The Cleansing Exercise
    10. Rising to Celebration
    11. Beyond Being Limited by the I
    12. The Real View of Me
    13. The Exercise of the Upward Flow
    14. Beyond the Should to What Is, to What Can Be
    15. The Samadhi Sleep
    16. From the Mud the Lotus Blooms
    17. The Embodiment Exercise One
    18. The Embodiment Exercise Two
    19. The Embodiment Exercise Three
    20. The Embodiment Exercise Four
    21. Living the Dance

One hour a day, allow this for yourself.