90 Day Mastery Challenge

“The old has to go, the new has to be born, because the new man and woman will create the new earth, the new world in which violence will vanish and love will flower.”



The 90 Day Mastery Challenge is a series of video contemplations in which Master Dhyan Vimal takes you day by day on a journey of self-discovery. Each contemplation is addressed in a simple, direct but engaging way that creates a space for much to be seen and realised. A fresh look, or a timely audit of what one may have held onto without realising, and a chance to relook at ideas and beliefs and see if that is actually what one wants.

Once you subscribe, there are 90 video contemplations that will be emailed to you daily. Each day you are recommended to go through one challenge, to participate with it throughout the day, and note down your observations. As you go through these challenges, remember there are no right or wrong answers, it is a process of discovery.

There have been thousands of people around the world who have gone through these contemplations and have found them invaluable. Initially released as a series of video contemplations in 2009, now the 90 Day Mastery Challenge is also available as a journal.

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We have created the 90 contemplations into a journal, where you can note down your realisations and insights as you undertake each challenge.