About Dhyan Vimal Institute


The teachings are based on Dhyan Vimal’s lifelong work and are some of the most revolutionary work that has been put down in this field. The Institute is built upon the principle that when one discovers the truth for oneself, one will be awakened to the highest that one can come to be.

Our core principle is to offer a space of learning, and hold you to your own responsibility to participate in your transformation process.

The work is offered as part of a Global Peace Effort in partnership with Friends to Mankind. To undertake the work at the DV Institute, you are welcome to submit your application.

About Dhyan Vimal

Dhyan Vimal is a well known scholar within the field of growth and transformation, and also known as an enlightened Master in the East.

He has been teaching and working with disciples and students every day since 1991. In 2007, he formed the School of Mastery under which his lectures, retreats and meditations have been documented into programmes, books and audio and video lectures.

After working with thousands of individuals for over 30 years, Dhyan Vimal discovered that transformation is not possible until one for oneself undertakes the responsibility of participating in one’s own growth. This was the discovery that led to the birth of the DV Institute.

The Learning Path Offered By DV Institute

Stay Connected Through
Dhyan Vimal’s Masterclass

Dhyan Vimal’s Masterclass is also a fundamental part of the learning at DV Institute. Through its comprehensive library of thousands of video and audio lectures, in-depth programmes and private invitations to virtual live sessions with Master Dhyan Vimal, students from around the world can stay connected with Master, and be held in their process of transformation.

Join An Initiation Into
The 6 Rites Of Creation

To learn more and get started with the work, we invite you to explore the 6 Rites of Creation through a 3-evening virtual series where you will be initiated into the 6 Rites. The initiation is offered to approved students of the DV Institute.