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Dhyan Vimal states that enlightenment happens despite oneself, it is a happening beyond one’s direct effort. The notion of one who is in learning is, one who has bowed to the truth that there is something more than oneself, and also is available to an outcome beyond personal effort. This truth that one comes to is that, there is an outcome beyond personal effort, which comes to be when one is available to it. This happens through an inherent knowing, encounter or insight. This is what the Dhyan Vimal Institute stands for at its very core.

In living this process, one starts to live in deep integration with what is and what can come to be. This is also the direction of integration that one lives in – dissolving all that stands in the way of reducing oneself to only what one has known about oneself. Studies have shown people who live in integration, live a more abundant life and die more fulfilled, compared to the despair of those who live in disintegration.

The Dhyan Vimal Institute puts forth the learning that enables one to place oneself in the space where enlightenment has a possibility of happening. The lessons are offered so one can undertake the study to unearth the clarity to live in the direction of integration, and be in the space of the impossibility of enlightenment happening.


This series of lessons are for you to familiarise yourself with the teachings of Dhyan Vimal. At the Institute, our perspective is that learning never ends, the demand for growth and transformation is ever present in our lives. These introduction lessons offer the initial understanding for you to begin the journey of actualising the possibility of what you can be.


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Are you seated as an effect or as an affector?

The popular notion is that almost everything that one is, is because of an effect of a cause. Dhyan Vimal challenges this notion and states that being affected is an illusion that exists in the world. The human being is not just a by-product of an effect, there is a state of ‘I am’ which by its nature can affect. This lesson invites you to learn how you can rise to be seated in the state of an affector.


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