Why are so many people living with mental illness today, and what can we do about it?



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The simplest understanding one can start with in regard to this question is that, the more the mind is, the more the illness based on it comes to be. This comes from the truth that we have become more mind than actual, more thoughts than reality, more ideas of life than life itself. It’s a by-product of losing innocence, and living in a world made by the mind and held by thoughts.

We have lost touch with nature and being natural, and we are running after ideas that have been advertised over us.

From the concept of how I should look and be, to all aspects … are sold to us. We are the most sold people that ever lived. From the notion of spirituality which is an idea that is strongly enforced on us, to the social norms that we need to abide by.

In this storm, are you surprised that mental illness is becoming one of the leading causes of illness in humans…

It’s stated, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death. One in twenty-five adults have a serious mental illness, and 20% of adults will experience anxiety disorder in any given year.

The view that has to be established is that we have lost our balance, we have lost our footing, and we are living unnaturally. To win is not a natural state of a human. We are here just to survive, and that is more than enough but now you must be successful just to survive and these are some of the realities we are faced with. This pressure is unnatural. For a very few this is good, this even makes them better, but for most this is poison.

So the rise in mental illness is the result of the poisoning of humans … making the state of being which is natural to a state of becoming, which is the movement of the mind programmed on all.

Childhood is shorter and the innocent period to grow is shorter too. As humans, we are not yet adapted to this. I think we will run out of time before evolution can catch up.

So the way to understand this in the bigger perspective is that, mental illness is the by-product of the mind placed on us that the biology can’t seem to cope with and by this it breaks down.

We try to fix the illness but we fail to address the source of it.

Most that have mental illnesses have to drop out of life and fail to function, and maybe that is the place to start … to drop out of the mind and to live naturally. To live by being grounded in this reality.

That might be the place to start, but this life as we have created it does not support that. One must be successful even to survive, and by that we will have many breakdowns.

The purpose of life by the biology is to exist, to live … not to live out a mind that is placed on us.

If we begin with this exploration, we might be able to grasp this situation. Not only dealing with the illness but to deal with what created this illness in the first place.