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Extracts from Dialogue with Dhyan Vimal, Volume 2


Dear Master,

Recently I read and viewed a video which speaks fully about the law of attraction. It’s really nice to see that the universe does respond to our needs. I tried it a little and I find that it works, but I wonder is it for real or just another illusionary thought? I feel it is more about being positive over matters which happen in our daily life. Am I right in that sense? What’s your take on this?

Advise me Master


The first thing is that all these people will get things upside down, there is no law of attraction, and the truth is attraction is the only law. When they say law of attraction, it appears as if it is something you can do or experiment with, something you can manipulate.

But the fact is that it is not so. You can’t do much about it, but just understand a few things …

Attraction is the law, and you must understand that the way you are, is how things are. As simple as that. Yes, you can say something positive to yourself and make yourself feel good and all that, but your reality is how you are and it’s as simple as that.

A story comes to mind, a boy goes to his parents and says that he thinks he might have failed the math exam, and the father says “Son, be positive.” The son replied, “Ok Dad, I am positive I failed my math exam.”

Much is said, and all that is said is to teach people how to manipulate things, and that is all people are interested in. How to manipulate this and that, how to attract this and that but they never want to see … that it is them, and the way they are, is how things are.

The state of self that one has is that which is reflected in life. So attraction is the only law, it’s not something that can be practised.

So the only thing you can do is pay attention to yourself, and the self you cultivate is the reality you will experience. But for most, the self is what they defend, and want to keep so they have to create the law of attraction and so on, so they can keep the self alive.

You must know this, most people if not all, just want to keep the self as they are in this life, no matter what happens, but like to change things around them without changing themselves.

So understand this, you are attracting whatever you are and it’s not a process, it is done. It is how your life is. You are no more attracting but just living out what you have formed. It’s like a frog – if it is a frog, it has to live itself out. But in humanity, the self is something that can be changed and this change of the self changes everything. It will attract whatever it needs to keep it real. The key here is that the self will keep whatever is real by attracting the reality to support the existence of itself.

If someone has formed a happy self, then this self will attract happiness in this life to support itself, but if you formed miserableness, then miserableness’s reality will come.

No matter what you will prove yourself. And this is the beauty, life supports every self that one has and all you do is create this self, which happens unconsciously for most, and then it unconsciously attracts the reality.

And in this madness someone says the law of attraction and then now it’s another layer of madness.

The first thing, find out for yourself – is your life the way you are?

Find this, let this hit home.

And then you will see. All you have to do is to change the self and the reality changes without effort. Nothing else is needed. This is what Discipline One is, to learn how to do this, if not nothing happens …

Millions have read those books and I don’t know what happened, but the writer might have made something. This is giving false ideas, even though it is true in principle, but for the day-to-day man, it can’t be done.

The self is what the reality is. It’s strange, when one moves into a house how it takes the form of the person. You make it your home and in your style and others do what they do.

So the self will create what it has to, to prove its reality and it will do anything, if reality does not support it, then in the mad mind, it lives on.

Think on this.



The above Q&A is an excerpt from Dialogue with Dhyan Vimal, Volume One. Throughout the years, over a thousand questions have been answered, each sharing precious insights, awakening readers a whole new way of being. This book was the first volume of the Dialogue with Dhyan Vimal series which is a compilation of questions and answers by Dhyan Vimal.