4-Minute Read

Nobody has actually initiated you nor told you that you have the power to determine you, more so for centuries they’ve said you are only a by-product of an effect. The human psyche bought into this thinking, that it’s only a by-product of an effect.

And it makes sense. If you feel hot, walk into a cold room and your body becomes cold. Right? If you are unhappy, listen to a joke and you will be happy. So we are masters of what affects us. Like if you’re not relaxed and you drink a couple of beers, your system becomes relaxed. So we have mastered effects.

If you feel lonely and you just meet someone, then the effect is that you will not feel lonely. We even look at food and know how that food is going to affect us. If it’s ice-cream, we know how it’s going to affect us and by that evidence, we have just lived out an effect … and by living out an effect, you’re always enslaved.

Know the meaning of masterhood simply means – I determine, I am not just an effect.

Why are you looking for money? You think it’ll make you happy, that it’ll make you feel safe. I’m not saying it won’t do it, but even if it does, it’s like slavery. It controls you, not you control it.

Ever so often you wake up to suddenly seeing this about you – I am the effector. I’m telling you, it’s an incredible day when that wakes up. Your life quality changes, your approach changes, what you seek changes. Now you seek this, the power to determine and the power where you can hold yourself in the way you want to.

The meaning of yogi and siddha and sannyasin and swami, is the people who first had this ability. They could decide how they choose to be. The word swami actually means Master. But it doesn’t stop there, then it goes into the journey of realising who is this determiner. It’s actually a cascading effect. It’s one, and the next will snowball, it just keeps going.

That is why we feel very complimented if somebody is happy to see us, now we have the power, as though we are making them happy. When you deny that you are a by-product of an effect, you start waking up as an effector.

The progression of someone is going to be, first waking up as an effector, waking up as a determiner; and then the beginning, the recognition of the determiner; and then the flowering of enlightenment. This is the progression.

For that what you need is a life you have determined. Even if you cannot determine the reality—which you can, but let’s say you can’t, you are not there yet—at least your reaction to the reality is completely independent.

I believe this ability was removed in order to govern you, to rule you, to shape you … in order to make you to be that which pleases the other. That power has been taken away.

Now bow to waking up to this. Walk away from this addiction of being affected, to the sovereignty of being able to determine oneself.

The Brahmasree Ashram in Sweden will be a place where you will never be ruled. It doesn’t mean you rule anybody, but you will not be ruled. A place where you wake up to your inner sovereignty, inner freedom. You wake up.

And many have tasted this in my presence, in many of the classes, in many of the retreats, you have come to this; now it’s time to own it. It’s time to wake up to that power that is you.