What does it mean to be a disciple?



11-Minute Read

Let’s start observing.

Put your mind aside, your past aside and just be available to this moment.

Without propaganda, without selling any beliefs, just being available to the process of intelligence. In this availableness, a great transformation becomes possible, a fundamental shift may occur.

Today we’re going to talk over together about what it means to be a disciple. And what is the discipline needed for a disciple.

This is something you must clearly understand.

But before we can go into that we must understand the entire process.

Do you know you are destined to be more?

Do you know, as how you are right now you are not yet born? Do you know your natural state?

The so-called natural state, is nothing but a noisy mind, a mental mess, a pain. This is your natural state. But you are all the time confused, disturbed, non-blissful, non-ecstatic.

Now, when someone comes to see this, one will quickly come to see that the way I am is not how I am meant to be.He realises he is something more.

When you realise you are something more, there is no lust in it. You are not desiring. You are not setting goals. You cannot set goals to become enlightened or to become a Master, you cannot. Unless you see you are. Unless that glimpse has happened to you.

Are we going into this together?

Remember, don’t just listen, participate in the listening. Be a witness to that which is being discussed. Don’t prematurely agree or disagree. Be open to the truth.

Now you cannot sit there and say, “Master, I will become a Master.”

Then it is a goal. Whenever there is a goal, there is the mind. Whenever there is mind, there is nonsense. Can you all see that? We have gone into all this in the past.

Now, when will the search begin?

When somehow you know you can be more.

Or you are more or the way you are is not the truth. Together with me, sir? When you can see how you are, is not how you are meant to be. Only when you realise that, but most often you don’t.

You know why you don’t? You need to pretend you are okay all the time. You need to go on lying to yourselves. Because you are pursuing your little pleasures. Your whole life’s ambition is rooted in nonsense.

“I’m sad, I want to free myself from sadness.“

And I don’t see that I am the cause of the sadness, so I attack the world. I become Alexander the Great or Hitler or some nonsense like that. Isn’t every goal-orientated man a Hitler or an Alexander the Great, in a minute form, isn’t it?

Every selfish man is. We most often never penetrate this, we just skim the surface of our life and make some rationalisation, and escape the facts. Together with me?

Are we talking together, sir?

You and I are going to enter into this.

The question we are asking ourselves – when does the journey begin?

The journey of Mastery begins when I know I am not the way I am meant to be.

See that word – meant.

That means, the Master is the natural state. The way you are is the unnatural state. Together with me, sir? Then you are reclaiming what is. You are not trying to become.

Slowly. Together?

Has that recognition happened to all of you? Or are you here seeking sensation? Have you come to see what you really are? You are not this mess.

You are not this nonsense. You are not this chaos.

You are that internal order. You are that silence, that beauty, that joy.

Because if you think you are this nonsense, then that internal order will be just an experience that you want to experience, isn’t it? Then you just want to have some moments of silence and some moments of clarity, some moments of Mastery. Then that is only an experience.

But when you realise that silence and that peace and that Mastery is what you are, then this becomes an experience. Isn’t it, sir?

And now you try to free yourself from this experience. Are we together? Slowly.

Let’s go with me on this, step by step on this …

Let’s you and I explore this like we are looking at it for the first time. Like we have not known about this subject at all.

Let’s go together, step by step.


This book shatters our notions of what being a disciple is all about and helps put that much misunderstood term in its proper perspective. Most of us assume that being a disciple means surrendering ourselves to someone who we believe is an expert in a particular discipline in order to learn from that person. Dhyan Vimal says a disciple is a person who has seen for himself that the way he is currently, is not how he is meant to be. It simply means being a disciple of truth or being a disciple to someone who is the embodiment of truth. And being a disciple is the highest act a person can do because after that everything just happens.