How can one be in a space of learning?



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Dearest Master,

You mentioned about learning. You said our ego stops us from learning. Could you please elaborate on this? How are we stopping ourselves from learning?


There is much to know about this statement, and this came about from yesterday’s Silent Sitting meditation session. I sat with all of you for about one hour, and it took about 40 minutes for most of you to come to a state in which the learning is allowed, and only after that state could I help, and there was joy in meditation and meditation happened. And as I explained yesterday this is because the ego will never want to learn, more so it wants to teach, and make the whole world as how it is.

So the possibility of learning is never present at all when the ego is; and when the ego is not, one is in learning, which is what it means to be a disciple, which is to have the discipline to learn.

If one can just sit in this capacity to learn and have an openness to it, this itself will transform and give birth to oneself and all that can be. So the key is to be a disciple, which is a state of learning, but what you must know is that the ego which is born out of every hurt and fear – and all egos are out of hurt and fear – and this is what is born out of it.

So the only way the ego can go is if one can learn to go beyond the hurt and the fear, and to do this the ego must not be there.

So you can see one is trapped in one way or another, one is trapped. This is why the ego never dies and goes on taking over oneself, and one’s life is dedicated to just keeping this ego alive, and to not experience fear.

So to be egoless is to be able to face fear, and to be free from fear is to be egoless. But one must know the other nature of the ego, it’s there because you are not. If you are, then there is not much hold of the ego. If you watch people who are full of ego … they are not, they are a lie.

So when you are, the ego has no hold, so if you can be, and learn to really be, then the ego starts to lose grip, and with this the capacity to be is born.

And with this the fear dies, and one can undo the same thing that has started the ego, back to itself, it will dissolve.

The greatest fear is that one knows one is not, there is no real self, and this is why the ego is so important. Without the ego, you feel you are nothing, and this is the dilemma. The cure is easy, just sit and be, and learn to be, and be so much that the ego’s need to exist is dissolved, and then one is, and the base fear is put to rest. With this, all falls apart for the ego, and it dies naturally.

Now one of the ways to enter this is to be open to learn. And to learn, the one who can learn must be there … and the ego is not the thing, it can’t learn, it just wants to teach.

So you can see the key is to be, and to be so deeply that the real is there, and the real can learn, and with this learning, one is growing, and there is no need for the ego.

When a Master makes you as a disciple, he is opening you up to learning, and for this you must be, and that which is being can learn, and this is the key.

But know this, up to now the ego in you has not let you see anything outside of itself, there is nothing to learn, only to prove you are this or that. See this, how you have closed up all, and not just you, but most people are closed and are pretending perfection, and this is the way of the ego.

It can’t learn, it wants to teach, and use others to feel in control and that it knows. See this, and in seeing this the first demand is to be, for this is what has caused the ego to come up in the first place. You are really not there, and that is why the ego is there … to make you feel you are there. But once you are there, there is no ego, you live as a disciple, and learn, and this is the greatest joy in this life … to live in learning, which is a disciple.

To all my disciples this is what I do, I go on breaking this ego and make you be, and lead you to learning, and living and this is the way to go.

Now look into this really. First be, and then look … only then you can see, if not the ego won’t let you, for you are not being … and the fear is there. So be, meditate, and then look … you will see what I am saying, and then your disciplehood becomes deeper, and that is the blessing.