Waking up to choose who you want to be



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If you really study this, the biggest error for everyone is they have become someone they did not consciously choose. They have become a by-product of an effect, of a past, of a childhood, of a reaction, of an accusation, of an assumption …

So what is sitting here is not what you deliberately chose to be, and then you are helpless about it.

And in order to support the helplessness, you say this, that and the other made me. And then you become helpless to be happy, and then you say that that has to happen for me to be happy. Then you just completely move in this helpless state, and whenever you are helpless, you are always aggressive. Then you always see it as though the world is attacking you because you don’t have personal mastery.

So the fundamental problem that most people face is they did not choose who they are … they didn’t choose to become who they are. They are an accident.

And then they think they need something outside to be that person. No, no, no. Then the faulty mind starts thinking – When I have money, I will be rich. When I have somebody who loves me, I will have a relationship … Then it becomes a movement in error.

It is saying that I don’t have the right to determine me, something outside must determine me. For a fact, when you exercise the right to say who you are, when you choose what is right for you to be as you are, you have started.

So in some sense, almost everyone is a victim. They are a victim of being formed by something outside, so they are not what they wanted to be. They are something other than what they chose to be.

The very basic teaching that we offer anyone is to exercise that right actually, and not mentally; it is not a mental manipulation.

It is actually to wake up to the capacity that you have to choose the state of being you want to be, the person you want to be, and the reality you choose to live out.

First it starts subjective, you to you in a subjective way, then it becomes objective. Thus it becomes the first graduation of creation – I choose the person to be, then I live it subjectively within me and then I see the evidence of it in reality. Then it becomes the reality I live by.

This is the initiation, this is the waking that we are going to do. This is what I am going to offer in Vancouver and this is what we are offering as a retreat in Sweden; that you spend some time actually exercising this.

This is one of the blissful things, only from this bliss the higher bliss happens. Even meditation is only possible after this is established.

Then this that you have chosen to be enters silence. This that you have chosen to be which is not a by-product of an effect, starts recognising itself as that chooser.

Remember when you choose the person you want to be, then there is the chooser. You understand? I choose to be rich, then I live a rich life, then I start recognising who is the chooser … that is meditation. But without that choice the chooser cannot be recognised.

So the primary action is to wake up to the choice, and once you have done that, you wake up to the chooser of the choice, which is meditation.

And when the chooser of the choice is seen, then the process of enlightenment can unfold. So it is a three-step process. But the first and I insist on the first – Choose the person you want to be, choose the reality you want to live out, and it is an actual exercise, it is an actual embodiment. This world does not yet need meditation, this world does not yet need enlightenment, it needs this first. Only to the person in whom this is crystalised – that they cannot be changed, that they cannot be persuaded to be anything other than what they have chosen, to that person the other doors open up.

Let’s say somebody begins and what you are is not even what you have chosen, it is a by-product … by that, nothing more can wake up. The problem of why meditation is not working or is a misguided pursuit; the way I will call it, is because it is undertaken by people who have not even exercised the right of choice of being the person they want to be. Now meditation is another choice to do something to affect them. You understand? Maybe if I sit silently I will be peaceful; giving silence the power to make you peaceful, which means you were not there.

Two possibilities; being lost to the world and hoping the world will create you or finding you, or knowing you can create the reality in this world. One is an act of being lost, another one is an act of being a creator.

The invitation is very simple – Wake up to this, aggressively, dynamically, absolutely, to wake up to be the person who is not determined by anything or anybody but oneself. It is a conscious intelligent awakeness, and it has a particular breath to it, it has a particular brain state to it, it has a particular property of itself. To exercise the choice is the first step, and then to recognise the chooser is the second step, and then the mystery of the chooser is the final step. If this can be understood …

So the invitation is very simple … Come to wake up to be the kind of person you want to be, to live the kind of life you want to live out, to love the way you ought to love, to receive as the way you should receive, and to have a complete state of being and from that bliss, everything happens. This is the invitation.