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The life as we live now demands much more than the past, it demands for us to form a self, form a personality, form a mind – for only by this, can we function in this world.

In the past, the truth of the seeker was to live without an image or idea of ‘I’, and to live without anything, which is no more possible in this day and age.

But this, the truth of enlightenment and the past Masters have lost its place, for the natural environment does not support it anymore. In the world where politics dominates all, a life beyond politics and truth is not a living reality.

By this most have lost hope, and this truth of awakening and enlightenment is a strange reality for most.

Most who move in this direction of self-awakening or realisation seem to have to embrace a life that is not functional, and this seems to be something most can’t afford to live out.

The modern seekers have this challenge to answer, which the past seekers did not have – which is to function in the world and at the same time be able to live in a way that this truth is embodied.

The way I see it, this is the doorway, which is to be able to function in the world, to be able to be productive and to be able to be in the society rightly, and by this opening up this space within which is just for oneself.

The notion that this space will be held by the world is no more, now the modern seeker has to be worldly and at the same time hold this truth within. By this, the real truth of the demand to be in meditation within, and to be effective in the world has to be established.

What is exciting is that this inner truth will show itself in the world, and by more people living this as a personal quest, they will bring this quality to the world too.

The modern seekers cannot be monks or those who have dropped out of the world, but will be those who live in the world without losing themselves in the world. They may not look and appear as the seekers of the past. They have to be like everyone else but within hold this truth as their personal truth.

A spiritual world is not possible, but in this world, the spiritual truth can be lived.

And when this is no more a conflict, then one sees that these two are not in conflict, but they help each other. The way I see it, only when you can survive rightly in the world, can one be able to survive the inner world.

So the world is the doorway. In the past, someone left the world, now there is no choice of leaving the world, but to live in the world in a way that we transform the world as how the world is.

To me this is the greatest joy, I can be ordinary and at the same time live this extraordinary truth too.

I can have all, the world and the inner world. I believe this is its time. It has never happened before, the spiritual world and the outward world were two, now it has to come as one.

And the modern seeker is leading the way, and this is the blessing for all now, to be the ones to bring this new to this world.

I am in delight, for my daily life is my meditation and the way I live this life is my way to live the highest conduct and at the same time to contribute to the world and the family.

The future seeker will be all… they will be mothers, fathers, business people, all of it. And this is the new and as far as I can see, it’s about time.