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The time is now in which all lies are being rested, it appears to be a distress but it’s also a renewal.

All aspects of life, the lies of it, which were such a comfort in the past are coming to light. From politics to leaders of men to relationships, the truth of wealth and all of which we have taken in as the truth and had taken some rest by it, now is at question.

Almost all that we have taken as real and true is now at siege.

Every day some truth is being uncovered. A man we took as a perfect father on TV, now that is no more the truth, he appears to be a monster, if this is true.

But this period of lies coming out is also the period that forces us to look for truth for ourselves.

The past accepted truths are not an authority anymore, no one can take refuge in any idea or ideology of any man.

Man has come to be what he is known for, a mammal who can think for himself, not just to live out the thoughts of others or the past thoughts.

Much is breaking down but it’s going to be rebuilt again. Now it’s not going to be rebuilt by one person’s idea, or a group truth, but as individuals in our freedom to see what is there for ourselves.

This is the time of the monk in the modern time.

This monk lives this life and in this, he knows he is alone, he is with his own insights and thoughts. No need to become a monk of the past, now we are monks by default.

With this it’s going to force all to become intelligent, not to just live out another’s intelligence. To me this is the most beautiful time, even though some are going to be hurt by this, but it’s the time for truth to come alive.

As these lies come to light, as we lose not knowing what to hold on to anymore in many aspects, man is turning within.

He is looking at himself for himself, which is the essence of meditation.

I don’t think one has to sit and meditate anymore or go to a cave, but it’s there as a reality. Our children are thinking for themselves and are no more victims to the thoughts of others. Yes, it’s more work, it’s more unrest, but it’s almost the door for the more of life.

With world politics as it is, we are questioning the popular views too, we are seeing it’s nothing but a group saying their thoughts are the only thoughts and we are not agreeing with this anymore.

To me this is a time of revolution, but it is an inner revolution. The time for the ‘I’ to come to play, the being to come alive.

The era to be lost in the norm and the past is over. Now we are free, truly free to find our way.

I see a new humanity is coming alive and it’s free from the past ideas and ideology. And in this the new man is awake; it’s not that he is going to be awake, he is awake.

Now truth can come alive as a living thing, not an idea, and we can celebrate this.

The past is no more, the future is not yet, but the now is alive, and all I want you to know is that the way I see you – you are this new and you as you are bringing in this new and undoing this past in the most loving way …

The way of freedom has come.