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A short read about the eternal conflict between the mind and the body, and how this conflict can be rested for real awakening to happen. Read and download the full article in the DV Masterclass Reading Library:

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“It has been my delight to come to this discovery and this study is one of the greatest gifts I can offer to anyone. The mission is that you come to the best of you and when this best is there, it’s offered to all of humanity as one’s love and one’s true giving.” Dhyan Vimal

The foundation of the 18 Rites is the base of one’s unfoldment. It is the path in which the best of you can come alive, where all that one can be will come to be and the first 6 Rites of Creation is the base. What are the 6 Rites? They are an inner study, inner inquiry, a meditation you undertake. Why is it called a rite? It comes from the word ritual. A ritual simply means if you do this, if you hold this rightly, something happens.

And these are the rites that you learn to hold for yourself that awakening becomes possible. If you know how to be right by these 6 Rites, you are poised to become awake to what is there as you. It’s in a way to trigger you to wake up to what can be as you.

You will learn lessons, disciplines and meditations which you can embody and live out. It is the most basic of learning which holds the deepest unfoldment possible. To begin, join a free Pre-Programme & Initiation and learn some basic insights into what the first 6 Rites are and how they can work for you in your life.