Life affecting us vs. Life impacting us



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Beloved Master,

What is the difference between allowing life to affect us and allowing life to impact us? How do we know when life is affecting us (victimising us) and when life is impacting us for something more to happen?

When we enter the study of creation, we learn that creation happens when we become the effector instead of remaining the effected. To move towards effecting our personal reality, certain actions/control/discipline may be necessary. But this same action, control, discipline can also prevent us from allowing life to impact us for transformation, for the more, for the possibility which may be beyond our desired reality to happen.

Many times in the effort to create a particular desired reality, I could be blocking life from impacting me for anything more to happen. But I can’t see it clearly. On the other hand, not working towards the reality feels like I am allowing life to affect me, and I become the effected. What is between these two octaves? How do we find the right balance?

Questions are rising in regards to this but I am struggling to articulate it clearly … Can Master shed some light on this so I may understand it better?

Thank you, Master.


There is so much to this question, and this has been what I have been trying to do, to help you come to an understanding of this, to help you grasp this truth and how to live this. The first thing to know is that you must first want to learn, and it’s up to you to struggle to learn, it’s not going to be easy, for most can misunderstand. So one starts with the pure intention to learn and learn how to learn this. This is the whole point of being a disciple, not just a disciple to a Guru but to live as a disciple.

The responsibility to learn is up to you, and in that struggle to learn this, truth comes alive in you.

You can’t be informed, but by the information that is given when one struggles with it is this truth comes alive.

As you have asked, life can affect us, and it can impact us.

To be affected is when one defends and there is a self there, that life as it happens is resisted, but to be impacted is one allows all to hit oneself deeply, one allows it to wake something up.

Affected is when it does not lead to waking up it just leads to defending, to be impacted is when it plays a role to wake up.

This waking process can be hard, for in this the old dies, and something new comes alive. The nature of self is it does not want to die, it will not allow itself to die. To know the self is to know the defense that is there, for when the self is there, the demand to be awake is not there, it’s prevented.

The self can be known by just this reaction to defend, but wanting to be the same, to be impacted is the revelation there is more, more is there and one can remain the same.

Creation is living an impact to the self and now that which is impacted is impacting. To be affected is to fight to protect what is there.

We want to be impacted, we want to remain the same, we have chosen a life in which all is allowed is to be affected and in this the self has a story of itself being impacted.

This is the difference between a rock that is being hit by a wave and a flower blooming. The rock is being affected, it tries not to change itself but it will be destroyed if enough time is given, but a flower is a by-product of the impact of life living and it lives, it becomes awake, and has a reality, a beauty of its own. When it is lived, that which is lived never dies. The flower dies but the life lived never dies.

All of humanity is like this flower, the impact of it is lived and it reaches its peak and in this it comes to the highest of itself; to live affected is just a by-product of not allowing this to happen.

When one prevents life from happening then it appears as affected.

This understanding that I have put down will not help much, but what might help is to see how you are keeping yourself the way you are, how you are trying to be the same, and somehow believe in achieving, that you will be fulfilled, and when you can see this is wrong or flawed then you will grasp being impacted.

There are two desires there in the human: one is to rise to be this flower, and the other is to escape this demand of this flower. If the flower desires to bloom, then it’s a desire of its true nature, but if it desires not to go through this and just live out as a seed, that too appears as a desire but this is to open up a reality in which it lives just being affected. The real affected state is when you prevent yourself from flowering, that is the true effect.

To be impacted is to rise in a way you see the being when it lives itself out, it effects all, it gives all.

Know that love impacts all; to be affected is not to be able to rise to love.

Now study this, this is the reason why I took the studying path, to ask all to learn, for only in this learning and studying for oneself this truth wakes up as a reality in you. For most, they just live out how others they have known live out and sadly enough it’s just to be affected and when one believes this is all there is, then there is violence. Violence is how humans play a role in others not to allow them to be impacted and to just live out an effect that is placed there. So in some sense most just want to affect, which means stop them from growing to what they can be, and thinking that is living and that is loving.

Now study this, much insight will happen.

My blessing