Know that truth and rightness can only be discovered when one turns within, all else is nothing but a lie and a distraction



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Beloved Master,

Recently you talked about being seated and broke down the different stages. I realised that this is one of the most important things I must come to. Master, can you please explain further?

1. Seated in personal power
2. Seated in personal order
3. Seated in what one can be
4. Seated in what all can be
5. Seated in the risen state
6. Seated beyond mind/truth
7. Seated with that which is seated (to be that which is seated, seated)

Thank you Master.

Your disciple,
Swami Dhyana Seshadri

To beloved Dhyana Seshadri,

Before we go into this subject, which is a key subject, in which you enter being, and in which your well-being is at question … I would like to explore a few basics first. And these basics are the keys to establish the right understanding, the right view over this question that you have put forth.

First, we must establish the right understanding of being seated, and for most, this can only be understood by them being in this world and living or chasing after some goal or they are living out one dream or another.

So this is where most are seated, being seated in the hope that this goal or that dream or this idea or that will fulfill them. Almost everyone is caught in an idea or goal and this exists as a fever, in which all of oneself is caught and one lives just for that. It’s like the idea of an ideal relationship or a soul mate; when this fever hits a person, their whole life is lived in search of this, and all else is missed and even dismissed. This idea is born out of a false notion that this that they seek will fulfill them, and complete them.

No matter what the idea may be, and no matter how many are looking for it, once it becomes a fever, which means it takes you over, all else is abandoned and just this is sought. And the fact of this is – will this fulfill you, will this give you the completion that you believe it promises?

This is the first thing that has to be made clear to oneself, and what more has to be understood by this is that these ideas and goals are not even yours. This fever is not yours, it’s just the collective, the group mind which you get infected with.

Almost all of humanity will be in this fever one way or another, and modern marketing tools create more and more fever where it promises you to be happy and fulfilled. If you ever look into this, you’ll see that everything that one seeks and puts oneself into is from the idea that it will fulfill you or it’s the fear of survival. One of these two will be in operation and most will never be free from this because the evidence and the movement of the collective fever is so deep and so strong that very, very few escape this. And the fact is that most will die without ever touching their fulfillment and their being.

As I write this to you, I bow, with great humbleness … knowing that what is being said may not be what most want to hear. For that, I make it clear it is not my intention to change the direction of anyone’s life; it’s their life and they can go into any fever and any direction and spend it any way. What I am attempting to put down here is just my sight and my insight, which to some might ring true and right.

So only to them I say this:

know that truth and rightness can only be discovered when one turns within, all else is nothing but a lie and a distraction.

And this is being said in regards to the truth that all that is sought from the outside is for this inner fulfillment, but this can never happen.

The outward is the outward, the inner is the inner. Yes, sometimes it can cross, but that is so rare.

The outward is the outward, the inner is the inner. It’s a very rare occurrence that one comes to see this, and see this totally … that the inward, or the being, is the only thing that can fulfill you, nothing else can do this. Only when this is hit, and when this is entered, can one start.

And when one starts, then these seven seated states can be explored. Until then one is caught with the outside, and will always end up living out a fever which is not even of oneself, but just moving in a sleep state of having being sold something, which has nothing to do with oneself.

When the fact hits home that the truth is within oneself, and only when oneself is back to oneself, only when one is seated within that which is wanting to be awakened in them, can you ever enter these seven aspects of awakening, or seatedness.

This is more the wisdom of the monk, or the sadhu, or the one who has come to see that in oneself, and only in oneself, there is fulfillment and that all worldly fever is nothing but a lie and disillusionment. Many come to this, when this life and what they were chasing after fails, and all goals fail; in the sense of fulfilling one’s self, and when all fails, only then one turns to this. For some this can happen, and they can even process this wrongly and start to be angry with life, and get into many escaping ideologies.

Only when one comes to this rightly, only when one comes to this in rightness, can they see that there is nothing in this world to be angry about, life has not played them out, it’s just a fact, it’s not there, it can’t do what has to happen within themselves.

It’s like looking for love, hoping someone will make that happen in you, that some beautiful person will open that love in you. Only when you fail in this, and come to see this can’t be done … it happens to you, in you, by you, nothing outside can help, only then you enter this rightly. Then this world is a play, it’s a point to love, and then you can love anyone, and pour your heart out. At this point this world will appear different, and this life will show a different role and truth.

But one never comes to this, because one is always deluded in this or that, running after this or that, and there are always new things out there that make you feel that if you have them, then you will be ok, all will be fulfilled.

When you see your awakening is just by you, for you, in you, and it’s only up to you, nothing of the outside can help, and when this is entered rightly, then we can begin.

Now with this we will enter the monk’s truth and the monk’s glory.

Now to Dhyana Seshadri, what I have to say is that somehow, by grace, you came to this, you have come to see this truth, and at such a young age this has hit you, and this has been the point of searching. And these seven seated states can be rightly delivered to you, and this can be the point of your meditation and work. For with this, you will know your growth and your transcendence, and with each you enter a fulfillment that most who seek it outwardly, through achieving goals can never come to touch.

Will continue soon …


The above article is an excerpt from the book, the Seated State by Dhyan Vimal.

The Seated State is a beautiful collection of understandings on the inner work. These understandings help one to rest deeper into oneself, and they are key to unlocking blockages and beliefs which hinder inner growth. A brilliant and exceptionally insightful work, relevant for the first time reader of Master Vimal’s teachings or the long time student of any spiritual path.