Beyond being affected



2-Minute Read


Dearest Master,

What is the major reaction that is forming the base of my thinking?

Lately I see how much I am a slave to reaction. I am so enslaved that often I don’t even realise I am reacting until something in a talk wakes me up and I realise what I thought was a valid fact was actually a reaction.

All I seem to be is a big bundle of reactions. While doing the 6 Rites, I am learning and bowing to be unaffected, and yet I seem to be quite blind to what actually constitutes being affected because I am so affected. And because of that I can never be free like this.

My question to Master is – how do I move from here?


What has to be understood is that most people’s lives are just a by-product of being affected, and this society depends on this to keep it going too, so from all directions it will not let you out. This is not just your situation but the situation of the whole of humanity.

Now the only thing you can do is to meditate and go deep into it, and only in that space will you slowly wake up, and slowly become free from the enslavement of this reaction.

You must know you are on your own on this and you have to walk out of this, you are on your own. This is where the aloneness comes in.
The best gift I can give you is not just to hold you as my disciple and struggle along with you, but also the Maitreya Meditation and the 18 Rites teachings, more so the first 6 Rites.

Now die into this, live this, practise this, make this your total effort.

I know in the beginning it looks so far and too much but in time, in just a year or more, you will walk out of it, and then all that can be comes to be.

You have asked what is the major reaction, and there is no point in me telling you this now, for you will not be able to free yourself from it, this can only be useful when you have come to be in the ABC and you have made the first 6 Rites your inner realities. Then you will come to see that any insight to what can be or what is that which is trapping will be a liberation in just seeing it.

So now go into it, and you are here and you can live this, all will come right…