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In my life, I have been drawn towards some things that have been right for me, seemingly guided by grace. How do I frame these experiences in this context of being one who happens to life or life happens to one? It seemed that life happened to me and I have learned to value this way, and wait for the pull to move.

Going forward, I can see now that I have many situations and relationships I can reset with rightness. Are you saying that by doing this, it is the doing that will be the me happening to life, because of my alignment with rightness allows it?


A few things to be understood; the first is that only when one is right, right things happen. Only when rightness is established, right unfoldment comes to be.

If not nothing comes to be. In the wrong, and when the right is not set rightly, all that happens is to right this, and this that happens to right this, can be wrong for the person. Most often it takes away the right to live the more, the more of life.

This is the first thing to be understood, and the next is the right that most talk about which might not be right. What they say is right for them, might just be what is right to keep them the way they are. The right that is chosen can be something that is to keep the sense of self that one holds as oneself as real.

So this question of what is right for oneself, has to be really, really looked upon.

Rightness holds the more not just for oneself but for another and for the all too. It’s not just what is right for you.

You have asked: In my life I have been drawn towards some things that have been right for me, seemingly guided by grace.

This grace is only possible when one is somehow right with all, somehow one is living in rightness, only by this, this grace can happen.

This grace you talk about is the more living, and this more can’t be entered or invited without this rightness being established. When rightness is there, the more comes and this more is the you. The grace is nothing but the response of the you that is the more.

If one is not right, if rightness is not established, nothing of the more can happen, it’s not possible. More so of the highest, the essence of living can never come to be, it will be missed.

The next question: How do I frame these experiences in this context of being one who happens to life or life happens to one?

Only in rightness when one is right and rightness is established, the more of you happens, and this more is what is happening to life. For this, the more must step in so that more of you comes alive for life. The only action we can do is to live in rightness at all times and in this, the more comes to be and this more is what happens to life.

This rightness is not a one-time thing, it’s how you live, it’s what meditation is.

It’s the reason why to live in meditation is such a key, and meditation is not just sitting silently but to live in a way that the more is alive as you in all aspects and is happening to life.

Most live in a way that life happens to them and in that life is trying to put them right, and once one is right and knows how to be right, then the more of oneself happens to life. For most this is not a reality or even a truth, and that is the reason why most will never see the more of themselves and life.

Now the question for you is – in many aspects you are right with the other, and in that is the other being right with you? This has to be established. You being right with the other, is it good for the other, and in that being good for the other it has to be good for you too … and maybe in this area you are not really paying attention. In your mind if I am good for the other, that is good enough and that is how you love.

But for this to hold rightness you have to pay attention that in being right with the other, is right for the other, and in that right being right for the other, is it right for you? And the final question is – is this right for the all, does this hold the more?

One can’t just say it’s right for me, or it’s right for the other, and if the loop is not completed, then it’s not right and the notion of rightness is actually a wrong.

As I was just talking to my daughter about money and if this money is not earned, and one is given much money, then the very design for one to go earn and live is not met. And this internal fact of not meeting this alone is wrong and will lead to wrong.

It’s like a wild animal that has to go hunt for its food and now if you feed it, that need and that rightness to hunt is lost and this lost part of itself will go wrong and other wrongs will come alive.

One can be given money, but this money has to be something they take responsibility for, if that is not there then it’s going to make something go wrong, for that is how it comes to be. In the world of the more, it can’t be given until one learns to be right; right with all, and only then it comes to be, not before. If this rightness is established … only in that the grace and the more can unfold, not till then. The truth is one is alone in this, it’s up to oneself to put this right.

In the name of being good or of rightness, in the past we have done so much wrong. If you make someone happy and in that you are unhappy, nothing good is going to come out of it. For a fact you have made the other wrong by you trying to make them happy in you being unhappy.

You have asked: In setting things right, will you happen to life?

What has to be understood is only in that way can you happen … the whole of you comes alive, and only when the whole of you comes alive, this that is you, that is whole can happen to life, there is no other way. The you can’t happen until all of it is put right.

The real ‘I’, the being, can never come to be, until all is put right and that is the law as I have seen it.