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In last night’s talk Master mentions that in ancient times, people had peace, so they could focus on inner growth and on the evolution of themselves.

Sometimes peace appears to provoke complacency too; would Master speak more on peace? What does it mean? The peace which provokes aliveness versus the peace which provokes complacency, laziness and remaining the same – is this the false sense of peace?

Quite often it is in the greatest adversity and chaos that we are strongly provoked and almost forced to wake up and become alive. My question is then how does peace provoke aliveness and inner work?


Right now what you think in terms of peace is false victory, or defeat. Peace as it is, is never understood.

This false peace is what creates complacency, which is false victory. If you observe, most are just fighting and in this fight most are finding a way to win; and most do, at least in their argument. Most don’t really go to war, but it is kind of a war where you are looking to find a way to win. Just running someone down or making someone agree with you is a kind of winning for most.

The ego always wins, it does not like to lose, but when it loses, it uses it too as winning, by making the winner bad and so on. This is how it is, so peace has never been understood by humanity for a long, long time.

Contemplate is there anything in your life that is not about victory?

If you get married, it’s a kind of victory, if you are loved it’s a kind of victory. If your job is good, it’s a kind of victory, if your children do well, it’s a kind of victory…

And all this victory is supposed to support this idea of peace that we hold as humanity? This is not peace, real peace awakes aliveness which only real peace can.

Right now all that keeps one living is winning or being the best, somehow or other we manage this. We get spiritual or do yoga or meditate or buy a good car or something.

This addiction of winning is the conditioning humanity has gone through and almost all have been made a soldier to it. It’s very easy to train someone to want to win when it’s tied with this created idea of peace, and this is how most are conditioned but it is a false condition of peace. When you are no one, then you can rest, and you are peaceful, so the restlessness has to be established in you. Some idea has to enter, and then only in having that you are peaceful. If this can’t be done in reality, most will do it in argument or in some psychological way.

Whenever this false victory is created in the mind, you will become complacent. You will falsely rest and the brain goes to sleep and only wakes up for a new fight. So in some sense we are not very peaceful creatures, we are war-like.

Another fact is that no one is interested in peace, not in the real meaning of it. The peace in another’s defeat is what they are after; for instance to dominate another is another way of winning. Then we have to deal with losing which causes so much pain; so for now peace or at least the created idea of peace has to be given up, and one is back to the fight.

Now to understand, one has to see all the defeats one has gone through and the fights one has accepted in the search for peace, which is a false movement.

All are defeated … if you are not Miss World or the richest man in the world, and there is so much to this. Because you are not victorious, you can’t be peaceful and by that you must fight, and then create a mind to falsely think you have won and this goes on and on.

What is peace? For now all I can say is that this is not it. Real peace comes to be when without going to war, aliveness comes to be. When one sings for singing’s sake, when one dances for dancing’s sake – when it’s not about winning or losing then something magical happens … you happen, the being happens.

This is the delight that comes to you for you, this is the fulfilment, this is the awakening, this is the part that leads to enlightenment, the ultimate fulfilment. This is the road to samadhi.

I will speak more on peace and will write soon on it, but for now all that one knows as peace is not peace, it’s just a false victory, a false winning, which is violence, which is at the misery of the other and which is one’s own misery.

Start to think in this direction and I will write more. I have a painting to finish, which is the action of my delight. It’s not a war, it’s not a false sense of winning, just my heart dancing, my energy pouring, for no apparent result but just the sheer joy of doing it and giving it away … this is the movement of peace.

One more note, your question of how peace provokes aliveness or the inner work. This shows that the real peace has not been seen nor known but only the desire to win has moved, and this is not you, this is the whole of the society, you just bought into it.