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A basic question on love and how it does not always fall into the normal patterns. Are we fooling ourselves by delighting in something that may not really be there?


I think the greatest fool is the one who loves, and this is alright if you never get intelligent, if you never know anything, and you are willing to be a fool; but this is not so. Reality kicks in, and one never wants to be a fool.

That is why the greatest anger is when you feel you have been fooled, and cheated, but this is what love is, it’s the domain of fools.

And if you are not ready to be a fool then you will always suffer by love and love is the greatest suffering that most go through. Understand this, love is not the main reason for suffering, but our inability to survive being a fool is the key.

Love demands one to go beyond reason, it demands one to do things and accept things that one would not do in a million years. This is what happens, and this is the fact, but our intelligence will always fight this.

The way I see it, there are two types of love. One is the love that only a fool can survive, and the other is a love that is born out of intelligence, out of great knowing and insight.

All other love is not love, it’s a mislabel; a lie.

The first is the fool’s domain, and they can even kill themselves for it and this is usually a sacrifice on one part or the other. One has to be ready to be a fool, and the one who loves is most often a fool. That is why there is always a fight to find out who loves more, so when this is known, then we can know who is the fool in the relationship.

The next is the intelligent one; it is born out of intelligence, and this is a deep romance, a deep communion, a deep care is in this, and no one is a fool. The only feeling one gets is that one does not deserve this, this is too good.

But let me tell you this, so few act from intelligence for this to happen. Most are just caught in lust and in karma and in a profiting arrangement.

So the real love is the one that is born out of intelligence. And this can be known by most who are in love. They suffer being a fool, and usually they are so miserable because the intelligent one knows this is not how it should be.

Now the insight – life is life, and people are people, and for me the way I see it, just to survive this life is an effort, so one does what one has to do to survive. It’s a choice one makes of that which one can live with.

No ideal can survive love, no morality can survive love, no manhood or womanhood can survive love … the fool’s love.

Remember this – when you love it’s your problem, you can’t place someone else to be responsible for this love that has happened to you, so you have to do what you have to do to go on living and delighting.

But now if intelligence can be brought in then one can work to have a right relationship, without being a fool, or made a fool.

Now all I can say to you is think on this, and meditate on this, and see what shows up.

Maybe being the fool is the answer, or maybe moving on and having the intelligent love is the answer, but at the end it’s your choice.