The state of health and well-being



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Beloved Master,

While at the Ashram, Master was giving insights on how specific blocks in energy flow would manifest as disease in the physical body. Master, can you say more about this to set a context for this dialogue: “The first key to healing is to help one be right with all, which is existence.”


I have spent a long time observing this fact of health or being healthy, even though this is not my main role, but I love to put down much I have come to see. I think it might be useful to someone like you who is involved in healing and healthcare.

My view is that it’s not as simple as most modern sciences put it out to be, or there are other aspects to our well-being. Modern medicine has concerned itself in curing or managing, but I think to be healthy is an action of being whole. I am not saying this is all to it, there are so many aspects and I don’t want to reduce it to one understanding, but I think the view of the whole is missing. Most ill health is a breaking of the whole: when the state of being whole is broken, then this comes to be.

The body which holds all of you, is a container which can move towards being integrated to itself or can start to break down.

But to know this, the whole of the person has to be observed, the whole of the person is revealed in the body to how well they hold the whole of themself with the body.

I believe when the body is aligned to its own evolution it stays healthy, when it moves away it starts to fall apart, and once the process is complete I think it will start to drop the body, it has no need for it.

So we are observing both, when it’s complete, it starts to lose the body; this happens when awakening has come to pass, and I have observed this as most cases, but in some I have seen they remain with the body well. For others who are still evolving, this is something that can be seen clearly, which is when they are aligned with their awakening they remain healthy, when the abandon it, it starts to break down, for I think the body doesn’t see a reason to be alive.

One of the facts I have seen in regard to well-being or being healthy is to find why one is here, what one is here to live out, and I have seen when this is touched or lived, most come alive and being alive is the true meaning of being healthy.

The word ‘health’ does not mean one is not of illness, but it means one is living and doing what one is here to do or in another sense to be oneself, or to do what one is to do.

Most health problems are an indication of something going wrong here, something is not being lived out, and this inability to live out does not allow the body to produce the life force needed and this breaks down the body and its functions.

There are other reasons for this too, but most I have seen are that when one fails to live out oneself, all problems come to be, and if one has done what one is here to do, one will die, there is no reason for this body to be around any more.

Not being ill does not mean one is healthy, for health is when one is living and producing the energy needed to do what one is here to do.

Many times the surroundings that stop one from living show up as a body issue, and only when this is understood healing comes to be.

Master has observed when the body is in celebration, is when it’s doing what it’s here to do. Something happens to the body, it wakes up and it comes to be more alive and most often this aliveness is that which is broken and causes illness and ill health, and when one is in this space of celebration one’s body comes right and gets right.

I am suspecting that most have a broken life or somehow this flow in them is broken, the delight of living is missing and this causes many symptoms to or by the body.

Our search to find a cure for illness is one way we went about it, and this is needed, but there is a search for health too, but most are limited only to a certain aspect. In my view, there are aspects of oneself or the state of being that holds many secrets of one’s well-being; this does not deny all that science has come to, but there are realities that are being missed by this too.

There is the state of you, the question of you, and you living. The you is a state of spirit, and many old cultures use this to heal themselves and others.

I think you may want to enter into this, and how the state of oneself is seated in the body or as the body and how it is living itself out. For this you must develop a deep sense of how one is, how one is being.


How the state of oneself is seated in the body or as the body, and how this is lived out – is it predominantly accidental for most, or an effect in motion?


One of the keys to well-being of both body and being, is how well you are seated in the body, and everyday there are more and more truths about this being discovered.

You are how well you are seated in the body, and the body matures rightly depending on how you are seated or embodied. Whenever there is a break in this, much starts to happen. I have been initiated by a Guru who worked on his body so much that it’s believed he managed to turn his body to light by which he managed not to allow death to touch it. This is so far out, that most can’t even conceive this truth, but the principle is that when you are right and this rightness sits in the body this body comes to be this too.

For most, we can take the truth of how we are sitting in the body for now as a base investigation on how we are and the body is.There are many other elements at play but this is the base to look at what one can do.

The state of I am, or the state of one’s being is the direct reflection of how the body is and how it comes to exist.

The body can become ill for many reasons, but how the body is based on how one is seated in it does come into play even in illness.

The nature of the body is that it comes alive in delight, in this golden light that most Masters speak about and this comes to being when one comes to see the truth of this, or lives in a way one is moving towards this.

The way I see it, the body is a future vessel so what it is going to be is lived out as itself now, is as a movement to that. Therefore in most bodies you can see what it is about to wake up to.

If this direction is not clear, or it’s not towards delight, then the body will show this, and reflect this. The nature of the body is not just of its own, but it’s also of how others who are associated to itself are. So the people that you are with too have a role in how your body will exist.

So if the body is in a space in which there is delight and is surrounded by people who are in delight, it usually will wake up to great energy and by this will exist in a well-seated space and this is known as well-being or being healthy.

Most times when this is there, when this awakening is there the body will fall right to itself, and most times it will wake up to energy of its own that keeps it vital.

The imposing of the mind over the body is the key reason why the body fails to respond to itself, it loses the awareness that is needed for it to wake up to what it needs to wake up to.


In the 6 Rite programme, Master said that if we betray our offering we will die, and if it is challenged we will have health issues and life problems. Can Master please share more insights to this law?


The 6th Rite is the key to living and life; the day you escape or are unable to live as an offering you will tell the body to end – itself.his is the rule of life. Either one’s health goes or the reality will start to fail, for only in the completion of the 6 Rites and more so being anchored in the 6th Rite, life force will flow, and life will renew itself.