The Movement of Human Consciousness



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I was reading your book on success, and I’m in a process of trying to align, fully align with all that is fully me. I am a fashion designer (I’ve quit my job and I’m currently travelling, figuring things out!).

Since childhood I always wanted to be a fashion designer and I feel I get lost in some other realm when I am in a real creative process. But after working in the industry and just having an awareness about consumerism, I’ve become totally disillusioned and developed these negative feelings towards overconsumption, excess, ‘buy, buy, buy’ mentality, and anything to do with fashion design really is always going to be about selling something. So there’s a contradiction as I feel this is my thing, my talent, my skill.

What to do if that is polluting and disrupting the planet, feeding ego, and causing some weird unreal thing in humans?


I am glad you have asked this question and this is an issue that is close to my heart. There is much in this, much to be explored.

One of the things I can offer for observation is that, this world runs on the backs of human madness. It runs on the desire and greed of man, and without it the system that is set will not work.

We are not creating a world that is enough, we need it not to be enough so people go on looking for money to buy and buy and buy. This madness and this illness is what is depended upon by the world economy to keep itself going.

This is not the truth of man, but it’s been made so, it’s been made to be his nature. He is taught not to be satisfied, to not be enough.

For most the movement of consciousness is the movement of not enough, the movement of lack and absence.

This is because his real nature is not allowed to be, his real being is not allowed to live out. Man is not a movement of being enough that moves to a higher state of being enough, but from lack to bigger lack.

Even in the world of spirituality, not just in the world of fashion, this exists. The movement of not being enough with what is, is the base of the movement of this New Age spirituality, which is what I speak against. It’s just inner consumerism, it is the same thing. But this illness will not go away just yet. The way it is is if it stops suddenly the whole world will crash, and much chaos will come to be.

This has to be the transformation that we must all participate in and it will take time to do this rightly and safely, but for now this is what it is.

To me, to be awakened is to be awakened to this challenge, it’s to put this wrong right, rightly.

All we need is what is needed to live out oneself, what is needed to get one’s responsibility to be lived out, that is all, all else is within; but no one is ready to hear this yet. But if the work is done rightly then this will come to be, and that is the joy we have to be alive now. It is not a question of being sad or distressed by the world or to drop out, but to embrace it as a challenge to be lived out, as the duty of being a human. This is the love of man, to be right with all and himself.

This is the base of the peace institute that I’m going to start once this work is done, and the time to deal with this has come…

My blessing to you, and hope to meet you soon…