Somatic Training


“I find the somatic training as a tool to help you – then you know the space you are in that you can receive and the space in which you cannot receive. Many people walk around in a way that they cannot receive as they are so hurt. They are not hurt by not receiving, the not receiving is what is hurting them. It’s not someone hurt you and then you are blocked. No, you are blocked and then someone hurts you, that’s why you cannot receive and that cycle continues.” Dhyan Vimal

Somatic Training is directed towards educating our body and awakening our ability to consciously shape how we respond to ourselves and others. Most often when something happens to us, we form a reaction and this stays with us. We then form ways or behaviours to avoid similar situations in our lives as we do not want to experience the same discomfort or pain. Without us realising it, these reactions of fear, anxiety, panic, and anger control how we interact in life and limit us in many ways.

Somatic Training teaches us to become aware of our reactions and to use them to overcome negative patterns of behaviour, thus creating an opportunity for growth. You will learn various exercises which can awaken the awareness over your body and how it responds allowing you to consciously shape how you interact with yourself, others and your world. While doing these exercises, you will realise the limitations you have embodied and then choose to consciously hold your body in the way you wish.



With delight I write these words to express gratitude for the opportunity to learn from Gregory. This was exactly the workshop I needed! Instead of running away with my first impulse as I often do, I practised facing my feelings of discomfort or emotional pain and engaged in learning to use my body posture to transform how I address myself. Embraced by Gregory´s loving kindness and incredible patience (and great humour too) I saw a new door opening which offered a different way of being – one where I do not necessarily need to subtract me from me.

Maria Samalikova


Amazing workshop where I learnt to be aware of the body’s reactions, strengthen them through small micro movements which allowed me to see and undo layers and layers of terrifying experiences. I also saw how the events / the layers shifted appearance in the different phases of the exercise until I got to the core of the fear and how the fear then either became neutral or dissolved and was no longer frightening. Yes, so simple and so amazing! It opened up a new way to see how an uncomfortable feeling or bodily reaction can lead and show the original trigger, which was the cause of the camouflage and hidden fear/reaction, and neutralise and dissolve it.

Anna Salomonsson


It is difficult to grasp in words what Somatic Training is about. You are guided very gently through the layers of awareness available to the body, and invited to unlock the wisdom of your being. Far from arriving at a destination it is the discovering of a new way of traveling. Every time I have been fortunate to participate in a Somatic Training session I found myself centred and more available to life.

Cristina Josephson


The training was like learn to dance with myself. To find the balance and tune in to my own dance, to accept what is there and just dance with it, maybe just learn to tune in with oneself, and for me that is a real learning.

Cina Stegfors


You don’t need any skills or past experience to benefit from this simple technique, but to be aware of the desire to move into the areas where learnt and passed on behaviors and reactions are stored, and allow what is stored within you to be gently revealed, understood and thus can be released with practice. I highly recommend this workshop for everyone! Nothing is revealed unless you are ready to look at it, whatever you are ready for arises in a safe way. Gregory guides an interesting course with years of experience, understanding, wisdom and clarity, you know you are working with one who listens to your questions and answers them fully.

Fiona Fischerr


The Somatic training workshop gave me a whole new view and appreciation of my body. I left with many helpful tools and am feeling incredibly empowered that all of these tools could be accessed through my own body and its intelligence rather than being dependent on something outside of me. I highly recommend this training to anyone and everyone. There’s something for everyone in it.

Ashika Morgan


I highly recommend the Somatic training workshop. Learning about the three different body selves was completely new to me. It helped me to understand myself and how to co-exist with others. A soft, gentle non-invasive approach which lets you discover this on your own. This workshop is deep and I look forward to taking more of Somatic workshops.

Joann Gaudreau


It is such a delight to be in this workshop. Gregory creates a safe atmosphere to open up and be receptive to oneself through various exercises that one is being offered to participate with. He also gave us the tools to continue the work, after the workshop had come to an end. I’m immensely grateful to have participated in the Somatic Training workshop and I’m looking forward to partaking in future events related to Somatic Training.

Emma Hormatipour


What a wonderful workshop this was. To learn to live and to experience my body in a completely different way and to know that I can navigate in this world of experiences enjoying both the storms and the bonanza and feel each of them with the totality and the presence of my body, knowing that it is I who is the one who holds the helm. Thank you

Cristina Dias



Gregory Nye has been a teacher of somatic energetics since 1974. He studied primarily through apprenticeship in a variety of disciplines, embracing psychotherapy and emotional bodywork as well as various health fields including Ayurveda. In 1988, Gregory grounded his work in the biological experience of the evolutionary body and the engagement of the body’s reactive system as a doorway to revitalising the living organism.

Recently Gregory’s work has evolved to include the teachings of Dhyan Vimal. While recognising a shared value in the importance of somatic training and addressing our biological orientation, Gregory’s work has significantly broadened to encompass the breadth and understanding of Dhyan Vimal’s larger vision of human relations.

This two-day workshop will include both lectures and experiential exercises along with opportunities for dialogue with Gregory.

During personal sessions Gregory will help you encounter deep-rooted patterns of reactive behaviour. In a gentle and supportive way, he assists you to move towards your pain or trauma with simple tools that enable you to resolve these conflicts and achieve deeper freedom and fulfilment in your daily life.

These 1 – 2 hour sessions can be done in person or online.

Invite Gregory to share more on Somatic Training. If you would like to organise a session in your community, email us.