Living a Self-Determined Life – Meditation

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Now that you have attended the 3-evening session, here is the final meditation of this programme. The meditation explores the science of creation and we recommend that you repeat this meditation a few times at your own pace.




As I am, what is the fact I give birth to?

As I am, what is the fact I want to give birth to?

As I am, what is that I uphold?

As I am, what is that I transform?

As I am, what is the victory that I am?

As I am, how am I a gift to all?

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The 6 Rites is the path in which the best of you can come alive, where all that one can be will come to be. Up to now for most people, life has mostly been an unconscious happening and many errors have happened by this.

The 6 Rites which is part of the 18 Rites created by Dhyan Vimal is a map of your unfoldment which gives you a chance to consciously participate in what is there and how it will unfold; a process of discovery not invention. For anyone whose heart has come to the point that you are ready to embrace the more of you, this is the path for you.

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