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Dear Master,

I’ve heard that the word meditation comes from the word medicine. I think I can grasp what it means for people with negativity, sadness, hurt, anxiety, etc.

But what does it mean for people who are happy, who are creating, who are simple? Do they also need meditation?What is the difference between these two types of people in regard to meditation?

Thank you.



You see this is one of the words that has not been understood down the ages, and those who have understood it, did not know how to say it, and those who didn’t know what it is actually started saying too much about it, and the whole thing has remained this way for a long, long time, and I believe, it’s how it’s going to be in the future also.

I will start this way so that there is no chance of misunderstanding.

First there is no such thing as meditation, and there is no such thing as a meditator, none of these exists.

It’s all words of illusion, it’s not true, it’s a false reality that has been accepted as real.

And to know this, you must understand that the meditator or the self has to be real for him to meditate, so the meditator is needed for the meditation to happen. If the meditator is a lie and he does not exist, then how can meditation be possible?

It’s like the word enlightenment, it only has a reality with the unenlightened. If not it’s not real, it’s just a truth in duality, in the essence there is only enlightenment, as far as I am concerned. Un-enlightenment is our creation, or our process.

So when I tell you that I am enlightened, all I am saying to you is that I have come to that which is, or that which is the only thing there is.

I have dropped this creation of being un-enlightened, which is a by-product of the creation of the self, and the self which is a lie, which is what makes you miss what is, is given a tool which is called meditation, so with it it can find its way to the real, or to that which is.

So meditation is something that is given to you, and this you is false, and this meditation is given to the false so the false will fall away, and the real will exist.

Now you know why I say even meditation is false, because the self is a false idea, so to meditate is to do a false thing with the false idea of self and hope this will bring you to the truth.

But this is something that can be observed all over the world, where millions of people are doing meditation, and meditation of all types, and nothing much has happened.

At most it has helped reduce stress, but in regard to breaking the lie of the self, it has not done much. More so it has created a stronger idea of self, now it’s a meditator.

So I know you would be asking now, what to do?

Only when you know that the meditator is a lie, and you do something to transcend this lie, does it become something real, or a tool for the real, if not it’s a lie again.

This is why in the East it is said one has to have a Guru, for this reason … if not the meditation is another lie, another false reality. For your other question about happy people and sad people, you must understand there is no difference in this, it’s still a property of the false self, so it does not matter, but the happy person is more at ease than the sad person, at most that is all that can be said.

But these two expressions are still the expressions of the false self, and this is how it will be, happy sometimes and sad sometimes.

Now there is only one thing one can do, which is to do what one can to go beyond the lie of the self, and to enter the real, and this real is always as it is, and one of its properties is that it’s meditative, it’s lighted, and there is nothing the self can do to pretend this, which is what in the name of meditation many do. They try to pretend this, or make this false have this quality, but it’s still an act, that is all.

So move beyond the false, and whatever you do for this is the sadhana, and when the real is there, you are meditative and lighted. And when the false is no more and only the real is, then you have come home.

Think on this.