Dr. Rico Ricketts

I am delighted by the manner in which the teachings are orchestrated. New lights being turned on in a room which had imperceptibly grown dim.

Malin Janlov

This programme took me through a process. First doubt, I almost wanted to quit, then the realisation that I am the one who is to

Ally Johnson

Thank you for holding the space for this learning. I sat quietly with each contemplation, and as I explored each inquiry of the agreements in

Heather Seshadri

These contemplations impacted me deeply. A reminder of the responsibility I must and can take in my own life. Shared so simply, it allowed me

Dr. Wendy Wells

I love this programme. Thank you so much for putting this out. This is very important to share with family and friends. It is great

Gregory Nye

This programme is such a clear and simple invitation to recognise that I matter to myself and to others, and that it is important that