How to Enter the The Essential



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One of the reasons why this five-day talk was organised was because I would like to take some time off. Maybe for six, seven months. I have to sit down and finish some other work. So these five days we will see what we can put into it. It should be five days that you spend asking your questions.

Yes, I do have a few things I would like to share, and say. But I would love it very much if we can spend these five days going into our questions, going into our situations, trying to deepen ourselves into the Discipline. Together?

One of the basic problems whenever we start something like this, is the big problem of where the speaker and you can meet.

And that meeting is very difficult. It is difficult for a simple reason that most of us are very entangled with the outside.

We may sit here and say, ‘I want to move in, I want to explore my being’, but our entanglement with the outside completely prevents us from ever moving within.

And that which you and I are to discuss is that which is within. This entanglement with the outside must be broken. If we look into it, if you really look into it, we all live with concerns, don’t we?

We are concerned about the weather, we are concerned about what people think of us, we are concerned about our husbands and wives.
We are concerned about our image, our future, and so on… And there are many, many concerns that float around us and we are entangled with these concerns. In this entanglement we miss the essential.

Can you follow me … a little bit?

Because that which matters, is the essence. Let’s say when I was driving here, my car showed some signs … maybe a light went on, the radiator was malfunctioning or the black oil was low, whatever.Now, I will be sitting here being concerned about that. My mind, my energy would enter that, right?

And being in that state, I would never be able to explore the depth of me, which is the root of everything. It is sad, but if you observe deeply, the majority of humanity will spend their lives being concerned about the non-essential. ‘My hair didn’t fall right today’, and that consumes our lives.

I want you to look into this. What does your life consist of? Small, petty little problems? Or the very root meaning, the being of life? This distraction, this involvement with the non-essential, prevents one from ever entering the depth of oneself.

And that’s what we are here to do for the next five days, if it happens.
When you fall in love with somebody, with a man or a woman … in the beginning you are concerned about the essential.

The point of falling in love was the essential, the core that meets.
Then in years to come, the non-essential becomes so big, you never come to see the essence that you fell in love with in the first place. Together?

Someone goes to pray in the temple or anywhere. In the beginning he probably understands the essence, but after some time he is worried
whether the priest is wearing the right outfit, or whether the flowers are fresh. Please don’t laugh. No, this is us.

I’m reflecting to you what we are, how our mind works. And many have lived just being non-essential people, shallow people. More concerned about how it is served than what is being served. Together?

This is the number one hurdle before one can ever enter into a discussion of oneself. The non-essential must be dropped or suspended.
I am not saying that if my car shows signs of radiator problems, it is not important. It is, but that’s it. It is, but that’s it. Together?

I have heard so many wives and husbands tell me, not about whether they love or don’t love. Rarely does that question come out; it’s how they behave. Now the non-essential has caught on. Together…? I hope today, you and I can abandon all that. And we can sit together and really penetrate the very question of ourselves. Who are we?

What is happening to us? What does the word ‘growth’ mean? What is the journey all about?

Can we slowly enter this … step by step, will that be good? Because I’ve seen so many people waste their lives with the non-essential. You will catch a man or a woman looking at the mirror longer than ever sitting and looking at themselves, meditating… He will be hurt more if somebody says he doesn’t look good than if he is not a good man. No, this is the society we live in.

Remember, the society is a myth. The society is the non-essential. I’m not saying abandon society. The non-essential is needed, but now you have to put it in its right place. Only then, can you and I put our leg forth and enter within ourselves to reclaim that which we really are.

Will we ever come to understand these words: Love, meditation, mastery, celebration.

Even if you have understood the Discipline, sometimes the essential is missed. It is just because you are not mindful, you are not aware. Sometimes a small issue, when you don’t look at it rightly, becomes the biggest issue in life. You wake up in the morning, you go to the bathroom and there is no toothpaste. And that ruins your whole day. But if you really look at it in its perspective, it’s fine. No toothpaste is alright, some have no teeth. So no toothpaste is not that big a problem.

So, the first discussion that you and I will undertake today is, how to enter the essential. Will that be a good title? A good subject to enter?
I have come to see that I’m the creator, I’ve seen that. All of you have seen that.

But how can I remain in there? Right? That is the trouble. I can’t seem to be there. I come to see there is some joy within me, maybe in the lessons or meditating. Some unbelievable joy erupts in me. But then I lose it. Right? Don’t you? There are moments you are so in love. Love flows so much. So much love, you are so liberated. But the next moment, it is not there. Is this a fact? There are moments you wake up, you know you can be anything. There are moments you wonder why you woke up. Together?

Now, I’m preparing the ground for the discussion. We are going to start today the discussion, of how can I remain in the essence, in the core?

Many people will tell me this, you know, ‘Master, my problem is only money’. No, he’s blind. Money is a problem for many, but it is not the only problem. Together, sir? Some will say, ‘if only my boss was a nice man’. That is the non-essential. Something is being cleared? Are you becoming clear of a few things, together?

Now, before we start the discussion, I would like all my students, all the people who are practising and have been initiated into the Discipline, to sit for a few minutes in the Discipline, so we may enter into the centre of ourselves. And maybe celebrate for a few minutes, and then we will start. Is that okay?

Because otherwise it feels as though I’m talking to a mechanic about brain surgery, which I feel all the time. Sometimes I take my car in for service and the fellow looks at me and says, “You are Dhyan Vimal?”
I say, “Yes, I’m so sorry.” Then he has to ask me, “What is meditation?”
I’ll say, “Change my plugs first, because right now your brain is more concerned about my plugs and how to overcharge me. It is not the moment to sit down and discuss about the deeper facts of life.”

There are people whom I call society people. ‘How are you? Thank you very much’ people. And with these people, we can never discuss this issue. I would like to talk to you about the very essence of you, the very path in which you can be transformed. Right, sir? Have we set the talk right? Please, I ask again to everybody who is here. I am not even going to answer e-mails for a few months. I’ve been answering so many e-mails so that you could ask your questions. Together?


The above article is an excerpt from The Empty Bowl. The book is based on transcripts from a 5-day retreat which was conducted by Dhyan Vimal. The book explores our entanglement with the outside, and how one can hold oneself in a space in which one can be empty, free from the false external, and enter the within.