Beyond Oppression to Expression



8-Minute Read

I will teach a meditation today. The meditation is the effort to go beyond being oppressed.

If you watch, carefully, most often there is a weight on you, there are so many things on you that you cannot stretch and be you, you cannot stretch and exist as you.

So most often you are in a state of being oppressed, by that your natural energy cannot wake up and live and exist. Almost everyone is oppressed in some form or other; slaved, stuck, unable to move, unable to evolve.

Most live in this state denying it. Almost all our environments are oppressive. There are more oppressive societies and there are less oppressive societies, but the oppression exists, one way or another, that it doesn’t let you out.

That means it’s either the world is doing it to you or it’s how you are. You are in a state of being oppressed; which means you cannot actually come to be, you cannot actually come to exist, you cannot actually expand your energy, you cannot actually enter celebration, you cannot actually burst forth, you cannot actually be in a state of overpouring energy. If there is a fountain, water gushing from the land and you put a big rock on it, the water cannot come out, it gets oppressed. At most there is a leak here, a leak there but the full force of the water has been oppressed. So if you understand how you are, you are always in a stuck state.

Ever so often by some situation like childhood or a special circumstance, you went to a beach on a right day or something, and suddenly you feel like everything is flowing, everything is beautiful.

So the experience of being beautiful, enjoying, is the time when there is no oppression, when you are not oppressed by something.

You cannot actually be in freedom, and what I mean by freedom is actually living with an energy pouring. How much did you live today in that gush of energy pouring? Was your energy pouring the whole day? Or you can recognise some weight has been placed onto you, something is holding you down – it could be a past experience, a thought, an ideology, an ego, a reaction.

So the meditation is to find ways within yourself that you can walk away from this oppression and live in a deep inner expression.

If you have been around people, they are very oppressive. Some will oppress violently, some will oppress gently, some will oppress you with their ideas, somebody will enforce themself. There are people you are constantly afraid of, there are people who constantly disbelieve you, have you seen? There are people who need to put their idea, there are people who constantly must be in control of you.

Somehow you have never been allowed to flow free, maybe only as a child. Almost to grow up in this world is to accept the oppression. The idea of being an adult is to adapt to that oppression. You are not allowed to simply be happy, you are not allowed to run and dance, some idea is placed onto you.

And more so people who think they are right, people who think they are virtuous, people who think they know how things should be done. Very unconsciously they put an oppression to you. They cannot allow you to relax, because in the state of being relaxed there is no oppression, and when there is no oppression an energy bursts forth and when this energy bursts forth, you are in creation.

If you really watch the movement of the society, it is to place one oppression over another, to hold you in oppression. It almost stops you from being in a full expression mode.

They say artists live in expression. An artist doesn’t enter into an oppression, he breaks free the oppression and expresses. That’s any art; dancing, singing, painting, acting, whatever. It’s not that the artist is expressing; the artist is someone who is not oppressed, which means in a state of not being oppressed your creativity bursts forth.

When you are not oppressed your beauty bursts forth, and when the energy of beauty bursts forth you want to shape life.

Now the question again – how do you exist? Don’t you exist in this deep burden of oppression?

It’s almost like a doubt has been created onto you that if you’re allowed to express and live freely, you’ll be immoral. So the moral people start imprisoning you. And that state of imprisonment is the oppression. Because laughter, love and all these are things you don’t have control over, they are a gush that happens from within you. But even such a natural gush has been oppressed by many.

Are you living naturally or are you living under the weight of oppression? Have you been able to be natural? To be natural is ‘I am not oppressed’. I want you to detect that how you are is most often in a state of being oppressed.

Now the effort is to become aware of the oppression and to break free from the oppression. You must develop the ability to say no to that which oppresses you, you must have the ability to detect the state of living without oppression.

All oppression, in some way or another, leads to depression. That’s why something someone said beautifully, “Most are depressed, just the levels are different.” The level of the depression is different.

I’m asking, are you living beyond oppression? Are you flowing, living, naturally bubbling? I know everybody wants it. We also even understand that state is the state of happiness. Now the question is, are you living in it?

Now one of the enquiries you undertake, or one of the transformations you must live out is to detect your oppression and free yourself from it or at least begin to do battle. Because a life lived without oppression is a life in meditation, is a life on the path.

Not only are we oppressed, we are the oppressors of others – we judge, we persecute, we ask them to hold a norm. Yes, we must behave in a way in considering another, that is just social etiquette, that is how we exist in this world. It’s pure decency.

But I’m asking the question: what is the oppression that you are living out? And can you sense that oppression? Is there a struggle to free yourself from that oppression?

We have had social oppression; we have fought social oppression our whole lives. There have been civil rights movements, human right movements, all trying to break oppression, but I’m going to the source of it – the oppression of you, where you are being stopped from being exactly who you are, that you are not allowed to live your complete expression. Part of Master’s work is to help you to break that oppression, so you can exist freely, flowing, beautiful, happy. And that is the healthy state.

Now for a while I want you to breathe and see whether you can sit and see that how you are is actually a state of oppression. And seeing that you are seated in a state of oppressed, the question is are you struggling to free yourself from that oppression?

For Master, I don’t care what it is, I fight anything that oppresses me. Even if somebody puts an idea on me to stop me, if I have to ask somebody for permission of something which I know what I am doing, if in any way anybody puts a thought … They think they are looking after everything going right. No, they are just oppressors, they are just finding a logical tool to oppress you. And it’s also part of the sexual supremacy – you oppress people, you suppress them, so the best of them doesn’t come out so you look good. And that’s what most of you have become
a victim to.

For a few minutes, I want you to sit down and feel, are you in a state of being oppressed? How do you know whether you are? Are you flowing, are you expressing, are you in a deep dance, are you in a deep celebration?

Is your energy flowing freely? Or your energy can’t flow freely? You understand? If your energy can’t flow freely, something is oppressing it. Now, pay attention to this.