Atma Rahasya


Atma Rahasya is the exploration of the ideas we have used to identify and recognise ourselves. Most often we form ideas from life experiences and society, and these ideas prevent us from seeing ourselves rightly. As a result of this, we tend to get stuck in a particular reality or experience, and keep repeating certain patterns in our life which prevent growth and transformation.

The Atma Rahasya formula is designed to assist you to see yourself rightly. It reveals to you the real nature of you; not as a mental idea but as a living truth. In seeing this, the possibility of what you can be is also seen.

During this two-day workshop, a facilitator will guide you using lectures and contemplative exercises to discover your personal formula. This formula is designed to reveal your real nature, and the correction and personal meditation you need for this nature to be lived. The workshop is rusing a practical study approach of inquiry.

Limited to 10 participants per workshop.


Thank you for a most fascinating workshop and rewarding soul discovery process. I experienced more self-help and insights in those two days than I have in a long time. The process we were led through so elegantly, was very effective and profound. It went right to the core of things I have been longing to address for a long time … and these shadowy areas of my soul needed the humour, clarity and lightness that was brought to it. I felt safe and therefore ready to be ruthlessly honest in revealing the inner secrets of my soul to myself.

Anne-Kristine Tischendorf


The Atma Rahasya workshop is an extraordinary experience. At certain points in your life, everything flows smoothly and you are living in the sweet spot, and at other times, everything goes wrong and you wonder how it happened. The Atma Rahasya workshop gives you a means of understanding your life so that you can live in the sweet spot and avoid the pitfalls.

Through examining certain key events in our lives, Navin helped me and the other participants arrive at our formulas. The formula is very personal and completely different for each person. Navin is very perceptive. He is extremely careful in making certain that each word of the formula is accurate for each individual. The specific aspects of my formula resonated with me deeply.

Sally Clark


An amazing class and highly riveting. The originality experienced brought forth undeniable blessings and life altering insights. The corrections will undoubtedly lead me to express and be more open and mindful in seeing things as they are – objectively and responsibly. The ascending ‘click’ as Dhyan Vimal poignantly delivers is an awareness I have been searching for – the secret of self is a process that requires responsible choices. Through this class, I have learnt to take the next courageous step. I look forward to further exploring and experiencing more meditations.

David Gwodzik


I am so happy that I could participate in this powerful workshop. Receiving this existential formula and understanding the inner and outer ‘I’ was a new learning experience for me along with the great group exercises. The individual correction which was evaluated for each one of us enables us to rise to our true beauty.

Helga Haase


The Atma Rahasya was an amazing experience, where amazing knowledge was transformed and applied to each person’s life as truth. It feels like I have a handbook for my life now and suddenly so many things that were previously unexplainable now make sense. I feel Navin made all the difference, as he often had great insights for all participants. It was exciting how quickly he completely saw who I have been in the past, and empowering what he recommended to work with to take charge of my life as the creator I can be. The follow up sessions has also been tremendously helpful. Humanity watch out, because I am ready to contribute to my fullest now.

Rose Anne Van Der Heiden


What a privilege it was to have been able to participate in this workshop. What I learnt hit me straight away, seeing myself like I have never seen myself before. The insights will undoubtedly sink deeper and deeper with time. Awesome!

Harry McPartlin