Art of Performance


“Entering to your peak performance state, you become sharp.
And this sharpness is what is needed to live rightly.
And when right living is attained, one is constantly joyful and celebrative.
For the first time, you are a blessing to humanity.”
Dhyan Vimal

Art of Performance is a programme designed for one to learn the inner science of performance and rise to be a true high performer. The programme is designed to empower the participant to shift their performance from ‘as-is’ to good, great and eventually exceptional. It delivers the mindfulness needed to understand what performing is, defines the key areas to pay attention to and the awareness one needs to hold in order to rise to be a performer. Performance problems are found when there is an inability to attain one’s best, resulting in mediocre performance, failed targets and goals by individuals, teams and ultimately the corporation.

WORKSHOP LENGTH: 16 hours of facilitator-led training




The Art of Performance helps create a fundamental understanding of what it takes to make things happen. The insights of who and what is a ‘performer’ is mind-blowing! The discoveries of the workshop is life changing for the individual and the environment (in this case – our workplace and culture). Things begin to happen, not progressively – just exponentially.

Tim Fernandez

Managing Director

In my life I’ve always felt as a performer. Many times when I have performed in no matter what, I have just been performing without knowing why or what is making me perform. So when I have times that I don’t perform I never know how to get back on performing again. After the lectures and listening to the things that has been said i realised that I can remind myself of what makes me perform and due to that perform longer and higher just by being conscious of what makes me perform.

Amin Maaz

Business Coach

The Art of Performance is a course that everybody should take because everybody can use it no matter what job you may have or whatever you may do. It’s guaranteed to change your mindset and you will grow from within. Take the course and as you start to live accordingly you will literally feel that your life is changing for the better.

Mathias Siroiney

Sales Representative

I really liked the clarity and the variety of the workshop.This provided such an effortless learning possibility, always professionally and personally guided by the facilitator. What I got was like my missing link: How to bring my personal inner development to day-to-day life. The Art of Performance is a practical tool and a beautiful and precious opportunity to live my life how I really want to live it. It’s the chance for me to be me and for a prospering life in celebration.

Kirsten Gröbbel

Sports Therapist

I highly recommend this workshop for any entrepreneur, employee or leader who is looking to understand what true high-performance means and to integrate this into one`s life. The facilitator has a special gift to mirror you back to you. You will realise that your performance is nothing to do with your title but it’s about you flowering in whatever you choose to do. I left the workshop in super high energy and with plenty of ideas for my start-up business. Thank you!

Siiri Musten


Having to perform at work, I have sometimes wondered what made the difference between me being in a flow or just being frustrated by the task at hand. The Art of Performance workshop has beautifully dissected the science behind that and shown me not what I have to do, but how I have to be. Great workshop! Definitely worth it! Beats any corporate in-house training that usually barely scratches the surface of related topics.


Product Manager