12 Body Archetypes

The 12 Body Archetypes which fall into four categories are the division of how
one is, it’s the state one finds oneself manifesting. This is the basic division so
that one can have a grasp of how one is, why one is the way one is, and what
is that one has to be right by in regard to oneself.
Dhyan Vimal

The archetypes are a representation of the bodies we are born with. Each person has an inner body which is the content and an outer body which is the container. Each body type has a specific formula, and it needs the right nurturing to grow and to evolve effortlessly. When we are unaware of the how our inner and the outer bodies work and how they need to be in harmony, there is a friction that leads us to be split. When we are split, growth does not happen, the study is to come into balance. Understanding and learning about the archetypes that represent our bodies enable us to grow in a way that is right for us.

In this two-evening workshop, you will be guided by a facilitator to identify your own inner and outer body archetypes and subsequently uncover the balance that is needed to be lived for one’s integration and evolution. The workshop ends with practical insights and the do’s and don’ts for each archetypes so that you can live the inherent rightness of your body.




Hearing, the words – you are built to specs was a wake-up call to drop any old body image hangups, and became a recognition and affirmation of what is there as me and how to live properly seated in my archetype. The exercises in the workshop were a means to acknowledge and examine my personal architecture; how to synthesise my inner and outer worlds, while presenting a window into the paths that others travel, an almost hidden realm of infrastructure and a means to study larger dynamics at play in human relationships.

Emily Eng

Toronto, Canada

Sometimes we feel split, as if our body and mind are going in separate directions, and even if we seek for answers, we often forget that we cannot treat them separately and that our well-being is a synthesis of both. The 12 Body Archetypes workshop is a great opportunity to learn more not only about our personality and why we act and react as we do, but also how to nurture the connection between our inner and outer bodies that allow us to grow. The exercises and dynamics in the workshop helped me to see how I was contributing to the split I was feeling. Overall it helped me understand how to improve the interconnection between the two body archetypes and to bring about a balance.

Diana Lopez Falcon

Munich, Germany

I continue to draw from the valuable insights I received from the 12 Body Archetypes workshop as a touchstone for self-awareness, personal relationships, and for how I create my work in the world. The gift of awareness that I have an outer body which is for the world, and an inner body which is for me, and that both need to be nourished to live harmoniously, was a huge A-ha moment for me! This continues to help me hone my inner compass and stay aligned with what is right for me as me by me.

Betsy Cameron

Connecticut, USA