Summary: Remember the word means to relate, two individuals coming together without losing oneself,
establishing oneself for oneself and then meeting without losing oneself, and this is the understanding of relationship ...

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Understanding Creation

Summary: The rule is simple, find the sacred, and all else happens as it happens, and the work is to find it and then be aware of it always, that is all.

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Discipline One

Summary: As you have said once you start to taste it, there is no going back, you know the beauty of it, the power of it, and then you become total in it, and in being total in this, you have become a disciple, and have the discipline to be in truth.

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Self-Improving vs. Being

Summary: In the East we bow to all, and this is to hold the right view over all, so that we don't violate, that is why in the East there is no real hard rule to follow, just love that is all, and the base is this, so that one does not create the idea of improvement and with this one can rest, and in this rest one is right, and in this right, one is the truth.

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Summary: The first thing before or during sitting, in the beginning one must enter mastery, over oneself, which is to shift from being the experience to being the experiencer, from being involved and being enslaved by the outside to being the center of it, and this is what is missed most often in the name of meditation.

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