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The First Samadhi preview

4th June 2010

The Introduction to the Sacred Work preview

Discipline One - Preview

The Sacred Work Series preview

Six introductory talks given in 2008.

Discipline One Preview preview

Preview the subject matter of Discipline One course.

Online Lesson 1 preview

An Exercise in Embodying the Highest of You ...

The First Discipline preview

Discipline One - Preview

The Breath of Command preview

The Master's Breath Technique.

What is Meditation? preview

Dive into 3 talks on the subject of Meditation. (Audio only)

The First Samadhi Retreat preview

November / December 2011

I & I Discoveries preview


Atma Rahasya preview

DV page main lecture2

Living in Creation preview

10 April 2009

School of Mastery

The School of Mastery is dedicated to staying true to the teachings of Master Dhyan Vimal which is known as the Sacred Work.

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