Science of Awakening


The promise of what you can be only comes alive when the more of you is seen. This more is missed for the science of transformation is not truly understood. Thus, the most profound work you can undertake is the study of you and who you are. The Science of Awakening is not a study of how to be awakened but a learning of how one is in the way for the space for awakening to happen. It’s a study about you, by you, for the more of you to come to be. When this science is studied, the unfoldment of you becomes natural, and living is just a process of transformation from where you are to where you can be.


The 10 Modules are an exploration of the science that governs awakening. You will discover how the biology, the environment and the psychology we adopt leads us to live from an impacted state, and how it prevents us from evolving. You will learn how to not be governed by these limitations and how to be in a space in which something more can happen.


The course provides the skills and disciplines that allows one to apply and integrate the insights from the study into one’s living process. At the Institute, we believe that learning is not only of the mind but it’s an integrated process of the whole and this is why it is called awakening. The Science of Awakening is not to just inform you, but to bring you to a space where a total embodied awakening of the biology and the brain can happen.


01 Biological Orientation

02 Value-Determining System

03 Science of Entrustment

04 Entrapment of Identity

05 Transcending the Identity

06 Science of Mastery

07 Science of Meditation

08 Living the Transformation

09 Science of Creation

10 Science of Embodiment



Each Module starts with a discovery and a personal inquiry into the fundamental lessons. The lessons include the following materials:

  • Video lectures
  • Transcripts
  • Lesson Summaries
  • Personal Inquiry
  • Online Meditations


Next is the study of the science. This is when you will dive deeper into the lessons by undertaking the study. You will have access to:

  • Readings by DV
  • Audio-lectures by DV
  • Lesson Presentations
  • Research Materials


This is where you engage in the learning. A facilitator will be available for you during your study. Your study support includes:

  • Facilitator support
  • Webinars
  • On-ground study sessions
  • Dialogues with DV

Course Information

Module Fee
360 USD per Module

Module Duration
5 Weeks

*For Dhyan Vimal’s Master Class subscribers, the Module fee is USD 200.

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