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    G20DX-Z series Rs485 Surge Protective Device is a single channel, in-line, coaxial multi-stage video surge protector for analog cameras or head-end applications. G20DX-Z series Rs485 Surge Protective Device is designed to provide multi-stage surge protection for one channel of video. The unit has BNC type connectors at the input and output for connection to the coax and is ideally suited for small or restricted spaces where a single line of video needs to be protected. G20DX-Z series Surge Protector provides power to the camera with the same unit.
    product Parameter
    Product feature and details
    1. 3 in 1 Design
    2. Low loss
    3. 4 pin terminal + BNC male to 4 pin terminal + BNC female
    Product qualification
    Like a good team, we’re composed of Departments of General Management, Sales Marketing, Technical Designing & Production, all of which are doing Good jobs. And Our staffs & workers are well-trained and company provides them additional welfare for their excellent performance, which make them feel like working at home and Happy !
    We not only pay attention to manufacturing standardization, but also focus on finished products’ High quality in detail, all products must be tested for times from components to finished products by our advanced test equipment, like Lightening Simulation Laboratory of 8/20μs150KA compatible with 10/350μs50kA, Pressure Sensitive Resistance Tester, Combination Wave Generator of 1.2/50μs, Voltage Generator of 1.2/50μs, Clearance and Discharge Tube Detector, Remote Signal Detector, Thermal Stability Test System, Lightning Online Monitoring System, Intelligent Lightning Protection Detection System, the Frequency Current Test of SPD Backup Protector, Lightning Current Test System and so on to ensure safety and customers’ satisfaction. And we have regular stock for our popular products so that delivery are expected to be short (FACTS PROVED THAT WE’RE TRUSTED & RELIABLE MANUFACTURER).

    Q1: What is the MOQ?
    A: 50 pieces.
    Q2:How do we know you are a reliable supplier?
    A: 1.GADA has his own manufacturing factory and have more than 12 years experience of specializing in the production of lightning protection products.
    2.As a professional manufacturer ,we have the independent research and development laboratory, a group of high-quality professional designers and a series of automated production equipment, to provide reliable quality assurance for products, to ensure efficient production and quality managem.
    Q3: I need your price list of all your products, do you have a price list ?
    A:We do not have a price list of all of our products. Because we have so many items, and it’s impossible to mark all of their price on a list. And the price are always changing because of the producing cost. If you want to check any price of our products, please feel free to contact us. We will send offer to you soon!
    Q4:May I know the standard of package?
    A: Normally are cartons, we also follow the special requests of our customers.
    Q5: What does a Rs485 Surge Protective Device do?
    A: When your whole-home surge protector lets through smaller surges, that voltage courses through your home’s wiring trying to reach (and kill) sensitive electronics. But if you’ve installed a point-of-use surge protector, these devices will absorb that extra voltage before it ever reaches your electronics.Surge Protective Device price