In the search for your own answers, in the search for your own solutions, in the search for the next step that you are moving towards, these courses will play a role in you coming to see that which is yours to do, that which is missing, that which will bring the next step for one’s self. This is usually the entry to the discovery of this truth and knowledge. The doors to enter are many, based on where one is. All of these courses will lead you to a deeper understanding of you and will open up the mystery of you to you, and in this insight much shifts and awakenings can happen. In this one may come to a point to explore even further but this is the base of starting. This is where life has brought you to find the next step and the next evolution that is needed, and these courses will play a role in opening this door and this possibility.

These courses are all facilitated. The facilitators are all trained personally by Dhyan Vimal and they run these courses in many locations around the world. Each course offers a different learning, a different door of entry and can awaken the fundamental understanding that is needed in your journey of actualising yourself.


Atma Rahasya is the exploration of the frames that we have used to identify and recognise ourselves. Most often we use the frames that are formed from life experiences and the values of society, and these frames prevent us from seeing ourselves rightly. As a result of this wrong framing, we tend to get stuck in a particular reality or experience, and keep repeating certain patterns in our life which prevent growth and transformation.

Dhyan Vimal researched the Atma Rahasya formula for over 12 years before this course was birthed. The formula is designed to assist you to see yourself rightly, free of the society’s values and conditioning. It reveals to you the real nature of you, not as a mental idea but a living truth and in seeing this, the possibility of what you can be is also seen.

During this two day workshop, a senior facilitator will guide you using lectures, and contemplative exercises to discover your personal formula, which reveals your real nature, and the correction and personal meditation you need for this nature to lived. The workshop is run for small groups, in a relaxed manner, without any influence or coercion using a practical study approach.


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The word Simirthi simply means self-remembrance, and this learning has come to exist for many reasons, but the base is that we are most often unaware of ourselves. We lose touch with ourselves and all we have is just the mind, and the memory of the self. The real self, the being that is embodied as this body is missed. This falling is the key to the suffering that human beings go through for they fail to grow to that which they can be. To undo this and to awaken the real contact with one’s self, this exercise of simirthi is taught. Without the ability of self-remembrance, nothing happens, and when nothing happens to the being, the being remains ungrown.

Simirthi sittings are held by a trained facilitator, and guided by Dhyan Vimal, through a series of short video lectures. Each sitting holds a limited number of people who come together to be in remembrance for themselves, by themselves. Each sitting is between 10 - 20 minutes, and the facilitator holds the quorum, for you to come to this space of self-remembrance.

Simirthi Courses

Simirthi: The Initiation (Level 1)
Held over 5 evenings, this course initiates you into the practice of Simirthi. Each evening includes video lectures, twenty minute sittings, discussions and celebration.

Simirthi: Entering Creation (Level 2)
This 3 evening course is the second level of understanding of simirthi. It is to enter of the practice of remembering the space one is in when one is an effector.


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“You see, I live a prayer everyday. My prayer is, that you come to this, as how I have. You come to see, as you are, as your being is, all is enough.”

I&I Discoveries is about you to you. Not the other. Not the world. Not the society. It’s about you discovering the preciousness within you, so you may live out the best of you. And in living the best of you, the best of you is naturally shared with all.

The I&I Discoveries delivers four rites for you to come back to you for you. The first is the rite to go beyond influence, and to come to one’s own being and purity. The next is to remember that you are the creator, and to re-establish this in you. The third is to be aware and to work with the inner energy so that it flows upward and last rite is to act beyond self, to act from love and to act in celebration and joy.

The course is held for small groups and each rite is delivered over a weekend or a few evenings. A quorum is created for you to learn these rites using video lectures, group exercises and personal contemplations. The method used in this course is to allow for the learning to be embodied, and not just remain a mental understanding.


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"The greatness of all is realised when one regains one’s faith, and this faith is that which one is. The loss of personal faith is the loss of one’s self and one’s being, and with this loss, one loses the ability to live and rejoice this in this life. The extent of living is in proportion to the faith one has, and this faith is not on something or other, but as oneself."

In this online course, Dhyan Vimal takes you through a deep inquiry, where you will find out how you lost your faith and how you can regain it. DV says, "The brain that is frightened can never act, all it can do is survive, and that is all this life would be, a mere survival … not living. Faith starts with an understanding, and then this understanding opens the inner truth and the inner reality. With this, the being will only seek the best and live the best not just for itself but of all." The mustard seed is an ancient saying, to have faith in the size of a mustard seed, you can command the mountain to the ocean. This course is an invitation for you to explore this.

This online course consists of a series of lectures by Dhyan Vimal, which will guide you through the inquiry. Each lecture has a specific contemplation that you can study at your own pace. Our facilitators are available for discussions and questions which may rise as you undertake the study.


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In 2016, Dhyan Vimal put down the contemplation on the 12 body types that we exist in. The body type is a natural form that we are born with. Each person has an inner body which is the content and an outer body which is the container. Each body type has a specific formula, and it needs the right nurture to grow and to evolve naturally. When we are unaware of the specifics of the inner and the outer body, there is a friction and we will feel split. When we feel split, growth does not happen. Understanding and learning about the body type we exist in enables us to live it rightly, and this is key to grow and to flower as a human being.

In this one day workshop, a senior facilitator expounds on the body archetypes and works with you to identify your own inner and outer body. This first recognition process will bring about a sense of acceptance and rest within you. From this point, the work evolves to find the synthesis and the harmony that is needed for the inner body to live itself out and to rise with the outer body as one. The discovery of the synthesis allows you to embody and live the highest possibility as you. The workshop ends with practical insights and do´s and don'ts for the body types so that you can live the inherent rightness of your body.


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"It took me 21 years to actually find a technique which I have been always looking for, that I can give you. I call it Nirvan because Nirvan means naked - which means to be naked to what is, and to accept what is, in there something happens."

Only when we can be in touch with what really is there as us, what is actually happening, can the gift that we are here to live out and that which can be as us be seen and actualised. Most often to subscribe to the value systems of the world, and the ideas that we have unconsciously accepted, we are not in touch with what is actually there as us. As a result of that, we fail to see what we truly are here to live out as us. Life appears to be more a struggle to fit into an ideal, rather than a movement to live ourselves out.

The Nirvan Method shares the art, the ability, the inner clarity and the inner knowing on how to remain without forming a label, a role and to exist without an outside form, just to be as you are. And just in that, something happens, and that has much to it, it has a glory to live out, not as an idea or a mind but as an actuality.

The Nirvan Method is run by a facilitator over 3 evenings or a weekend. In this course, you will learn four mudras. A mudra is a symbolic gesture which holds an understanding. Through these four mudras, you will learn and embody the essential lessons of the Nirvan method - being open to what is, accepting what is, staying with it without escaping and in this an awakening happens within of what can be.

The course includes guided video lectures by Dhyan Vimal that explain the lesson of each Mudra, silent sitting sessions and celebration.


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A simple pragmatic approach to learning the biological language of the self's reaction and to learn, experientially, how to manage your reactive presence. This approach allows you to use reaction as a doorway which leads to supporting the emergence of our true nature in our daily lives.


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