“Nothing more is needed than this contact, all reveals itself to itself within oneself.”

All awakening comes to be when a deep contact has been encountered, without this contact, all is just knowledge. Knowledge about oneself is just a thought until this contact comes to be for oneself in oneself. The retreats are an exercise to come into this contact in which one becomes self-reliant, for the knowledge that comes about oneself is a knowledge, which is alive and with integration and living, it becomes a natural state.

This is the true delight in being, without effort and struggle. When this is there, living is just a simple act of creation and participation with the greater creation. The DV retreats come to be this door for one to come to be this, to live this.


In these residential annual retreats, Dhyan Vimal creates a space for students to come back to themselves. The retreats that are held for 2 - 3 weeks is an opportunity for students to totally immerse themselves in their pursuit for their own awakening. All retreats are by invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please write to us.


Students from around the world gather once a year in a beautiful location to receive personal guidance and instructions from Dhyan Vimal.


Annually, students visit the sacred sites of the Masters, Siddhas and enlightened beings, where they research and discover the blessings that were shared by ancient Masters.


These retreats are for students who are undertaking the Advanced programmes. The students gather to delve deeper and discuss with facilitators and Dhyan Vimal himself on the different areas covered in the programmes.