All desire, all action, all movement of humans are directly linked to an action to actualise themselves, to move from what is to what can be. The work of Dhyan Vimal is a dedication to actualise this. To uphold and to put down the needed understanding and tools towards this. No matter what humans are searching for at the end, it's about coming to be complete within themselves for themselves and others. The following teachings are the basic exploration that you can undertake to see if you can find the answer you are seeking.

We suggest that you look through this complimentary selection of short courses, audio-video lectures, e-books, books and articles and see how this resonates with you, and then take it from there.


Every day, you will receive a two-minute video contemplation designed to awaken you to the best of you. As you participate with the contemplation for the day, you will have a deeper understanding of your ability to create your own reality. Each contemplation challenges you to rise to be the effector and the creator of your life.


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Any transformation requires a shift in our breathing. The Masters' Breath is an ancient breathing technique that dates back around 2,500 years. The scriptures say that man is split because of the division between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In fact, they link the activity of the brain to the breathing rhythm, where one nostril is more dominant at any one time. Thus if the right nostril is active, the left brain is activated and vice versa. The Masters’ Breath integrates and harmonises the two hemispheres of the brain, which is key in the awakening of our intelligence.

In this series of lectures, you are invited to explore the fundamental awakenings that are needed to attain to your highest. Dhyan Vimal shares that if these 27 fundamental awakenings have not happened to an individual, one's fulfilment, accomplishment and flowering will be compromised. As you become aware of each fundamental awakening and as each awakening starts to happen to you, you will flower effortlessly.

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Introductory Meditations

Only When You Exist, There Is Living

This is a meditation that is created to become aware of the basic misunderstanding that leads one to be unable to participate in growth and transformation - and how to free oneself so it becomes natural.


As you begin this journey of self-actualisation, this series of guided meditations offer the essential understandings for your enquiry. You can download Dhyan Vimal's Online Meditation App to access more meditations and also join live meditation sessions conducted by Dhyan Vimal. The App is available for both iOS and Android users.


Science of Awakening (The First Lesson)

This series of lectures share the key lessons you need to orientate yourself towards actualising the promise of what you can be.