This is a must for all who have come to see they have to undertake the action to move from where they are to they can be. This lesson holds the key that will awaken you to the real way, the real part and the real understanding that is needed for one not to go astray. This foundational lesson and the insight will hold one in the right path in the exploration of what is and what can be as the living possibility of oneself. It’s a key lesson that only in exploring it and coming to a deep understanding of it, can one really move forward, if not the danger of fooling oneself is always there.

The Science of Awakening is a ten Module programme which guides you step-by- step into the science of transformation. The programme is offered online and you can dive into the study at your own pace. The Modules are designed to be studied chronologically. Each Module includes a presentation, articles by Dhyan Vimal, recommended scientific research articles, personal exercises and online meditations.


What is the Promise of You?

The promise of transformation comes alive when the more of you is seen, and this more is what all are seeking for and trying to live out by all actions that are undertaken. This more is missed by most for the science of transformation is not truly understood. When this science is known and understood, the unfoldment of you becomes natural, and living is just a process of transformation from where you are to where you can be.

This programme is a study of the essence of our nature and our psychology. It is an actual study into your own awakening. The first part of the programme is a deep inquiry into the key factors which affect the way we are formed and how we function from this form. It is a study into the triggers of our brain, its survival mechanisms and the demands of the environment and its values. In the Modules, we will discover how this has led us to escape ourselves and reduce ourselves to only a life of survival. The study will reveal how our pain and suffering is the by-product of the escape of the promise of what we can be, and the inherent conditioning we carry to reject any demand to grow and evolve.

Module 1

The Biological Orientation

This study is to understand the biology and how it is orientated. Here the focus is to understand the three-fold brain and how this biology functions, so we may live with it rightly and not fall victim to it.

Module 2

The Value-determining System

Next is the study of the Value-determining System. All what we are and that we are allowed to be is what is valued by this world. The study of how the Value-determining system shapes us is an essential learning so we don't fall prey to it.

Module 3

The Formation of the Personal Identity

In this Module, we will study how the personal identity is formed. What we call as “I” now is not the real “I”. The real “I” is I am, embodied with a vision. This study delves into the essential factors that play a role in the creation of the personal identity. .

Module 4

The Fixed State of the Ego

This Module explores how personal identity or the ego functions, how it keeps itself in a fixed state. It reveals how the “I” that we carry now is the “I” that chooses comfort and escape, over what it can actually be. Thus it betrays the promise of what one can be.

Module 5

Transcending the Personal Identity

From this Module onwards, the study goes into how we can rise beyond the limitations that we have seen in Modules 1 - 4, so we may be orientated towards transformation and living out the promise of us.

Module 6

The Discipline

Module 6 takes us into the disciplines, techniques and exercises that we need to embody that which we can be. The question that is addressed in this Module is what is the right discipline that we need to learn and master for transformation.

Module 7

The Promise of the Living Organism

In this Module we explore the promise of the living organism. What is promised to us as us? What is possible as us? Many miss this. Our unhappiness is nothing but the missing of what we can be. In Module 7 we go deeper into this awareness.

Module 8

The Science of Creation

The next step is to study the Science of Creation where you will understand that there is an energy that can create within all of us, which is what actualises all the realities that come to pass. For now, most realities are accidental but at one point it becomes very deliberate.

Module 9

The Science of Mindfulness and Meditation

Only at this point of the study, one will discover the truth of meditation. Meditation doesn’t mean sitting with eyes closed. It is how we exist. Sitting with eyes closed is a misunderstanding of it and here we explore the science behind it.

Module 10

The Science of Union

This Module explores some of the aspects of the study of union. One of them is the art of becoming one with what one is and what one can be, unbroken. This union is what will lead to the actualisation of the promise of oneself.


The study into the Science of Creation starts when you have a glimpse that you are the centre of your life and reality. The Disciplines are online programmes that take you step by step into understanding of the law of creation and awakens the ability to consciously form your own reality and life. Each Discipline includes video lectures by Dhyan Vimal, a personal workbook and meditations.


All that which appears real in this world for us, all that which we encounter every day, all that we live by, all that which we are ... is our creation. Most often we are not aware of this truth and as a result of this, the reality we experience is accidental. In this study, you will discover that there is an energy within you that creates and actualises the reality you experience. The study is designed to take you from living an accidental life to having the skills and learning to deliberately participate in creating the life you choose to live.

The Disciplines are designed to take you deeper into this exploration, and deliver the understanding, meditations and exercises you would need to master the ability to consciously create your life.

Awakening Your Yogam

Discipline One starts with the realisation that, that which I am and can be is up to me. Through the exploration of belief structures, one learns how personal reality is formed, and the ability to consciously create the life one chooses is awakened.

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Entering the Limitless

Discipline Two studies the idea of self. Through the study, one will realise that the "I" is just a reference point for a reality to be experienced, and learns how to manage the state of self, personal reality and events.

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In the East, this Discipline is known as tavas. It is the discipline of transformation, where one works on deep-rooted beliefs and penetrates the core of one's being. This is where ultimate breakthroughs are expected and worked on.

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