You inherit the same possibility as every other human being.
You have the same potential, and that is your fact.
What you are going to do with this fact is totally up to you,
that is your freedom and your responsibility.

The Dhyan Vimal Institute for Higher Learning was created in the year 2016 and is based in Canada.

After working for over 25 years with thousands of individuals in the field of growth and transformation, Dhyan Vimal discovered that until one undertakes the responsibility of participating in one's own growth for oneself, no transformation is possible. This was the discovery that led to the birth of the Institute.

From 1991, he has been running classes and lectures and in 2007 he formed the School of Mastery under which his lectures, talks and meditations have been documented into courses, books, audio and video lectures. Today, the School has grown into the DV Institute for Higher Learning.

The Institute offers a place for you to undertake the study of yourself for yourself. For a long time, the responsibility of one's own growth has been placed in another's hands or in an ideology, resulting in one not truly growing. This non-growing state is seen by the problems and conflicts one lives out.

At the Institute, we uphold the principle that one studies and applies what is studied not as a belief, but as a truth that is discovered from one's own study. The purpose of the study is to discover the truth for only through this can there be real transformation.

The Institute invites you to participate in the journey of actualising the promise of what you can be for yourself. As a human being, it is established that we are still in the evolutionary process. That means this entire birth till death is nothing but an opportunity to evolve, to grow and to be more. The discovery of what one can be is the true and permanent delight of living and being, and this is the purpose of the Institute. The courses offered are for you to first recognise what you can be for yourself, and once this is established, for you to actualise this.

For students who are beginning this journey, the Institute offers many short Beginner lessons for you to orientate yourself towards this study. As you explore and learn more, there are a variety of Intermediate Courses to choose from which are available online, and on-site with trained facilitators. On the next level, Advanced Programmes offer the essential learnings, the skills, and tools for you to participate in your own actualisation. Courses and programmes offered are based on over 28 years of research and integrate the teachings of Dhyan Vimal and findings from psychology, biology, neuroscience and evolutionary studies among many other disciplines.

The Institute is made up of a team of multi-disciplinary individuals from different cultures, backgrounds and academic disciplines. In 2009, Dhyan Vimal developed an online community known as MySanggha, which currently supports students around the world who are participating in this study. Students who have been learning with Dhyan Vimal for a long period of time, also serve as facilitators and trainers at the Institute, and support others who are beginning on this journey as part of their own learning process. For advanced students, many retreats and sessions are organised with Dhyan Vimal where personal instruction and guidance are given to deepen their understanding and to impact the transformation process.